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  1. Anal Mike (and Stu if he hasn't already said anything) will be there getting our wings on. Just jumped my new G3 at the Prairie yesterday, it's looking good out there! Great weather!!! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  2. I've found the warmest thing to do is layer your thermals underneath with fleece overtop and then a light windproof layer over the top of that. This prevents the wind from chilling you and keeps the heat from your 2 under layers from escaping. A great little tidbit is using exam gloves (I use nitrile, but latex works as well) underneath your gloves, keeps your hands toasty warm and then you don't have to use bulky gloves. Additionally, I put on my neoprene socks that I use when running rivers over my regular socks, helps keep heat in the feetsies too! Good luck! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  3. Interesting points, I'll have to check them out during those situations. I'm not so much worried about the not darkening in the day, but it would suck on a low light cold winter day to be really dark. I think the low range is 18% transmission so I can't imagine it would be that horribly dark. I'll definitely be aware of that though, thanks! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  4. So I jumped my new 7eye Bali AirShield sunglasses and let me tell you, well worth the $$$! They provide the fit of a nice pair of shades without being smashed into your face while providing the protection of a pair of fully sealed goggles. That is because the foam padding provides a 100% seal from the outside air. With high quality optical lenses (I bought the photochromatic ones that change as the light changes) you can see the world clearly without the typical distortion of cheap plastic lenses. Plus, I can pull off the padding to wash it AND it turns your shades into something you can wear out after a day of jumping without looking like a fool. Highly recommend this brand if you're looking for high quality skydiving glasses that prevent all air from entering. Also, if you are in the fire/ems service, are a military or DoD employee, or most other outdoor/service industries you can get a 60% discount on this brand! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  5. I'll post a review when I get them this Friday but I just ordered a pair of 7eye ( glasses. I wear contacts and have to pretty much keep all the air out of my eyes as they are very sensitive. Although 7eye's line of glasses are for motorcyclists, this company actually does all their product testing with skydivers first and come with good reviews. Haven't seen much on the forums about them but got a steal of a deal on them! Might be worth checking out, looks like very good quality and the ability to wear them out and about on the DZ as well! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  6. Love it Stu, makes me jealous! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  7. And Stu...make that the Montana Mountain Birdmen, we will be there in full force...whatever # that is! :) You'll never find me Jew gold!
  8. So on another note of this thread, I found it interesting that becoming a skydiver first and then a pilot 3 years later I found transitioning to the pilot role was much easier than others have found. My first dozen landings were greasers and my flight instructor thought that I must have done some flying before. When we sat down and thought about it months later we attributed at least some of my good fortune in learning the skills of flying so fast must have come from skydiving! In the example of landing my first time in an airplane I can definitely say that the skills of learning when/where to flare and the visual cues you use while piloting a canopy surely attributed to learning to fly and land an aircraft. I would say that this probably goes both ways and while both piloting an aircraft and canopy are different experiences, they share enough similarities to make cross-training just that much easier! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  9. A popular one I did with a video of mine was: Black Eyed Peas - Pump It It went surprisingly well with the video and everyone seemed to instantly love it! Good luck. You'll never find me Jew gold!
  10. Yes, we do jump normally Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays...sometimes other days if jumpers permit. Call before you come but we are open and do jump regularly! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  11. Just so you know, Jeff is no longer a rigger here in Bozeman, thanks for the other info though! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  12. I am looking for a rigger in or near Bozeman, Montana! Any help is appreciated! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  13. Oh believe me, we are a small DZ and the owner of the DZ and plane as well as the pilots are well aware and fine with me doing it...but I will give that a shot! Thanks. You'll never find me Jew gold!
  14. So I have been working on really nailing the "bat hang" exit from our Cessna 182 (you know, the exit where you hang by your feet upside down from the leading edge of the wing). I have perfected getting my feet up there but I just can't seem to "hang on" for more than a second after I let go of the strut with my hands and hang free. Are there any tips out there? I have been really focusing on pushing down with my toes to apply pressure to the wing but it hasn't been working so far. Any help would sure be appreciated! Thanks and blue skies! You'll never find me Jew gold!
  15. I, also, once misrouted my chest strap and luckily the DZO came right up to me (who was on the same load as us) and said to me "Don't die" as he pulled on my cheststrap to demostrate how it just pulled itself off. I, to this day, am very thankful for what he did and now am always very careful of mine and others chest straps! You'll never find me Jew gold!