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  1. Skydive Twin Cities will be hosting a freefly scrambles and freefly record attempt on June 5th and 6th. Join us for a weekend of freefly scrambles and the WI state freefly record attempt. Just bring yourself and you'll be scrambled with a partner for each jump of the scrambles. All skill levels welcome. www.skydivetwincities.com
  2. I had a similar thing happen to me at about 6000ft. The metal hook caught on the fabric loop for my RSL (not in use). I put hot glue over it that night on both sides and haven't had an issue since.
  3. My boyfriend and I each have the same setup - Rawa with HC and liquid3 lens. We cut off the shroud entirely using a spiral saw, then covered the raw edges with clear nail polish and a bit of gaffers. It was the only way we could get the low profile liquid3 lens to fit into the clam shell without forcing it and having to worry about strain on the hinge. Yes, seems silly to cut off the protection for the lens, but it worked and no problems yet 200+ jumps later on the two helmets. The lens only sticks out about 1cm from the camera box even after cutting off the shroud. I attached some pictures if that helps. Zabrina
  4. They'll never be another like you Mike. I wish you knew how many lives you touched. We're having memorial patches made. The picture is attached. If you would like one please email me ([email protected]).
  5. "Hook it like a sabre2 230 bitch!" - "Fargo"
  6. I use Grateful Fred's EZ Goggles. They're similar the the flex-z goggles people are talking about. You can usually find ones that don't have holes, but if not just use clear tape and cover them up. They're only about $8 a pair - you can't beat that! They're made out of Madison, Wisconsin. Blues, Zabrina
  7. Hi there. There are 3 places to jump near the cities. 1 – Skydive Twin Cities located in Baldwin, Wisconsin (1 hour east of Minneapolis) is open Tuesday – Sunday. You can contact them at 715-684-3416 (1-800-SKYDIVE) or www.skydivetwincities.com. They fly an otter during the summer, but also have a beaver and some cessnas. On any given weekend they fly 20-40 otter loads with a wide mix of flying (rw, freeflying, crw, birdman, etc). Many jumpers, including myself, commute from the west metro. You shouldn't have a problem finding a ride out there. Email me at [email protected] and I can help you hook up with someone. 2 – Minnesota Skydivers Club located in Waseca, Minnesota (45 minutes south of Minneapolis) is open 7 days a week, but really only busy Fri-Sun. You can contact them at 612-650-7000 or www.mnskydive.com. They fly a cessna and I would say they're more on the rw side of things, but you could probably see all types of flying. 3 – Skydive Wissota located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (1 hour 45 minutes east of Minneapolis) is open Wednesday and Friday afternoons and all day on Saturday and Sunday. You can them at 715-726-1616 or at www.skydivewissota.org. They have 3 182's and depending on the weekend all or one might be flying. This is a solid rw dz with a handful of skydivers having more than 10,000 jumps.
  8. Imagine that, Joel Davies not wanting to do a pylon race! haha. Z
  9. Skydive Twin Cities will be having a freefly event 7th and 8th of July. We will have 3 rounds of 3-way competition (2-way + video, and the video person will be every part of the team) also for fun 2 rounds of 3-way scrambles, and a tournament style space race (or pylon race). So far, a fair amount of interest. We have already got some great prizes for this event from companies like larson&bruusgard, Tony suits, Square One and Icarus and more to come. So call us, put your names down and lets have some fun. Skydive Twin Cities is in Baldwin, Wisconsin. www.skydivetwincities.com or 1-800-SKYDIVE.
  10. Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin, Wisconsin has a regular set of DZ refugees. Come join us!
  11. Yup, that's the same hat! Pink fuzzy hats are a must have in the closet. You never know when you're going to need one. Z
  12. I picked it up at party city a couple years back for Couch Freaks...it's treated me well since. I still like the red cowboy hat. It's like yankee doodle dandy! Z
  13. I third that Skydiving Meghan is a hottie. Attached is a pic from New Years. It shows her attributes much better than you're pic Erika (no offense). Mind you we're a pretty damn good looking crew, but Meghan kinda stole the glory with her red cowboy hat. No one could top it. Z