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  1. frenchcloud


    We tried different kinds of main for our tandem operation. The A2 had the nicest openings hands down! It took however a few landings for some of our instructor to get the timing of the flare. Once that was done, everything worked perfectly! We were trying French, American and Spanish Main canopies at the same time. Going from one to another took a little bit of adjusting. We love the A2!
  2. Hey, has anyone tried one...? I'd like some feedback on that suit to follow all kinds of students or even tandems... Thanks
  3. Yep. Full magnetic! -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  4. There is a whole community of skydivers that jump magnetic bags. There are manufacturers in the USA and in Belgium. These bags have been around for close to a decade! Each manufacturer has sold, in this lapse of time, a few hundreds of their goods. Probably thousands have been in use for 8/10 years. Any idea how many jumps have been made with these by now..? People chose these D bags because they're 'cool' over safe...??? Maybe, just maybe some people were simply seduced by the idea of not having to deal with rubber bands any more. Maybe the wear on the lines created by the friction of each band at opening was taken into account too. Maybe the disappearance of the rotations of the bag at each stow released during deployment was appreciated... Maybe , the fact that tens of thousands of jumps made in a decade with these magnetic bags without any reports of proven malfunction directly linked the bags themselves has had people think they might be safe to use... But I may be wrong. I have magnetic bags and always say exactly what the person who got one before me said to me when i was considering trying one: 'I will NEVER go back to rubber bands, and my only regret is having waited so long to try one'. -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  5. So are you saying I ll be fine for that I should avoid it...? Jeans needles are size 18 and i know this size can take e thread. however, can the machine itself handle E thread ? (the one i have now takes size 18 but it skips stitches and often shreds the thread bonding when it gets too thick) -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  6. Is that Singer 401 good for using size 18 or more needles? using E thread? Binding cordura...? THanks -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  7. So I already know the Speed is still in production and i believe the Xfast isn't. I know both canopies have been tested at 300lbs for the speed and 265lbs for the xfast and at 175 and 180 kts. I just need the feedback of someone who knows both and can attest that the pack volume of the Xfast really is 225cub in. It s super hard to fit a PDr 106 in a vector 303 or a vortex evs 100 but the speed 120 went in ridiculously easily. I wonder if it would be the same with the Xfast... -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  8. Alright, so I read about the legendary low pack volume of the German Speed2000 reserves. i bought one and packed it. Mind= blown. I can attest the pack volume was smaller than the Optimum 99! The charts say: Opt 99sqf= 229 cub in. The Speed2000 120sqf = 221 cub in. It's true! Now I found out that the pack volume of the French reserve from Basik, X-fast has the same pack volumes as the Speed2000. Can someone who packed those confirm? Chart says X-fast = 225 cub in. I pack these in the tiniest rigs on the market and believe me, these low bulk reserves make a huge difference. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  9. frenchcloud

    Air 65

    A brand new poter, new staff, AFF instructors, tandem masters, freefly and relative work instructors. A team of three videographers/photographers with thousands of image jumps each...
  10. well i do love my safire2. thing is, i sometimes have a hard opening which i ve heard never happens with the crossfire. also i ve been told i could take smaller with a crossfire because it gives a lot of lift. i just felt like changing, downsizing and have nothing but slooooow openings. i have 7 pounds on my head on every single jump. am i gonna be disappointed...? -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  11. Ok i need some advice here. I do know that most of you will tell me 'get a demo!' but it looks like i can t (in France) I want to switch from my safire2 to crossfire2. i ve got 800 jumps on the 139 and i dont know whether i should get 129 or 119 for the crossfire2.... people keep telling me these canopies need weight under them. i m 220 lbs fully equiped. which one should i choose? -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  12. Ok, maybe I m completely wrong and some people will think i m sick but, has anyone felt the same way as i do...? There are so many aspect and phases of packing a parachute that make me think of a sexual intercourse. First, packing is something i just love doing. When you just got your own brand new parachute, didn't you hold it, caress it, kiss it even? The way we lie the harness on a clean little mat, the way we go through each group of lines to arrange the inside of the canopy very neatly. There are some phases that require very precise and efficient moves of the hands and fingers. Once the canopy is closed with the tail, don t we always lie it down very softly on the ground just before lying ourselves on the canopy, massaging the fabric to get rid of the air, which also requires gathering bits of it trying to escape on the sides and hold them firmly under the weight of our bodies, not to mention that we even shove our faces right in the fabric too. Putting the canopy inside the deployment bag is almost like a fight sometimes (until you totally master it but it takes training). What s fun about it is that you never really know if it s gonna work at the first try. Sometimes it just doesn t work and you must take it out to re try to thrust the canopy inside the D-bag. It takes technique and dexterity of the fingers to succeed in closing the bag with the canopy in. The closing phase of the container requires a lot of strength too. Makes you drip sweat pulling on the cord only to slip that tiny pin inside that little loop sticking out of the last shiny grommet. Finally, once the hand deploy is neatly folded, don t we need to literally thrust it all the way down to the bottom of its pocket along with our hands and without, of course, forgetting that last little spank to flatten the bottom of the container... Anyone agrees with me....? -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  13. hi, i ve got a macbook pro and i have dvds i made myself a while ago but have no idea how to transform them back into computer readable files. of course there is no protection can someone help? thanks -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!
  14. like for a lot of other acitvities, make sure you get an experienced partner. -------------------------------------------------- The tongue is NOT only a tool for speech!