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  1. frenchcloud

    Intrudair Multispeed

    Hey, has anyone tried one...? I'd like some feedback on that suit to follow all kinds of students or even tandems... Thanks
  2. frenchcloud

    Air 65

    A brand new poter, new staff, AFF instructors, tandem masters, freefly and relative work instructors. A team of three videographers/photographers with thousands of image jumps each...
  3. frenchcloud

    Rantoul WFFC 2006

    C est une bonne initiative de chercher des gens avec qui partager une tente. Elle sont tres grandes et peuvent sans probleme servir pour plier 4/5 parachutes en meme temps. en plus, elles sont placees au 'centre ville' de la convention, la ou les vendeurs se trouvent (PD, Aerodyne, IcRUS...etc) Il n y a que tres peu de Francais chaque année mais au moins 5 ou 6. Quand vous serez sur place, je viendrai voir si vous avez besoin de quelque chose. Si vous etes perdus, demandez French PATRICK au 'manifest' a plus
  4. frenchcloud

    FDA airport security...funny story

    oooopps, i meant TSA... not FDA
  5. frenchcloud

    Centre Europeen De Chute Libre

    i must be unbiased when i write a review. i have not been charmed by this DZ! everything is just more expensive than anywhere else. this place is like a factory. people go and jump and pack and far so good. but there s no real friendship in the air. if you are just a student or a rookis in skydiving, this place is not for you. the AFF is just too expensive and it does not include personal packing courses. i have met someone there who has 45 jumps but still need to have his rig inspected 3 times when he packs his parachute. they didn t make him do take his B licence exam. he still jumps 230sqf. and ready...? when he took his skydiving classes before jumping,they forgot to teach him the term 'arrondi' which means 'pull the brake handles'!!! then on his first jump, as he approached the ground,waiting for instructions, the instructor shouted 'arrondi' several times on the walki talki but the guy just wondered what this term meant (i agree he is not very smart...) he just hit the ground full speed. he cracked his tail bone! could not even get up. they asked him why he did not 'ARRONDI' and he just replied what does that mean??? they realised they had forgotten this tiny detail. the best is to come. he had to go to the hospital by his own self. came back 2 weeks later and noone remebered what happened. they did not apologize or offer a few jumps for their mistake. however, they have the best parachutes i ve ever jumped. just atoms with silhouette canopies. what struck me was that on the first time i jumped one of their rig, which i rented, i dropped my pilote chute and... waited for the canopy to open. nothing moved and i got very woried...thinking of cutting away... it took maybe 1 or 2 seconds... i finally lifted my head to realize that my canopy was already flying perfectly! the opening had been so smooth and fluid i swear i did not notice it was open. nevertheless, lots of people go there skydiving. if you are experienced and have your own gear, you will like it. if you go with your own friends, you ll have fun. you don t really get to meet and find people to jump with you. they organise the boogie of vichy. they had a antonov 72 coming for the event. jumped from rocks!
  6. frenchcloud


    cahors offers some of the lowest prices in france. its AFF package offers 10 jumps for only around 850 euros. tandems are 170 euros, which is roughly 30 to 50 euros less than anywhere else. but what makes cahors so attractive is the stunning welcoming warmth of the whole staff. the atmosphere on the platform is what we call 'familliale' in french, which could be translated as ' you jump with us? you re a family member!' to conclude, cahors has everything any skydiver could ask for. you can even enjoy the french cooking in the clubhouse opposite the landing area and there are 5 rooms of 5 beds ready for your sleep after a hard day of cloud crossing or ....packing!