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  1. Corey, you BUM, I think they are paying you for what you do and not by the hour. Get to work!! Rod
  2. You are right, it is a casa! But you forgot to say What is...
  3. Who is BoBo Loco Rodriguez??
  4. Hey PsychoBob, Sorry to hear about your hard opening dude, glad that you are ok now. I have a lot of video from our jumps, so let me know if you want it. I'm editing it in parts since I have been very busy, but it should be done soon. Take care of yourself and take it easy with your injuries. BobBear
  5. Kurupee suits are great for the money. I had my 1st suit delivered in about 5 weeks (remember it has to go through U.S. Customs) and I like it. The construction and the material are very good considering some of the landings and 200mph+ free flying I had, and so far the suit has not blown up. Kurupee needs to bring back their old logo, I think it is a lot cooler than the new one. The communication with Blasi was good, but as mpalmer78 wrote, do not expect to track your order at the website. I think the most important question is: will I buy another suit from Kurupee? and the answer is: Yes I will.
  6. rodster

    Factory Diver

    No complaints here, the helmet performs as well, or better (I think) for the price. The only drawback is that after those hot days, you can't take off the liner and wash it. You have to send the whole helmet in and it will take about 3-4 weeks to get it back with a new liner.
  7. I guess I should explained myself a little more. When you AIM the videocam ON THE GROUND and you use the viewfinder, it is hard to judge what you are going to capture. When I review the video I get only so little. By the way, good articles about camera flying dude, you are my hero!! Rod
  8. I have jump with it several jumps, it is just that you can only capture so much, and the view finder really sucks to judge the full view of what you want to film. Rod
  9. So, how do you change the lens? I have a JVC GR-DX75U and I would like to change the lens. I'm pretty proficient on electronics/computers, I just need some instructions. OR, should just take it to some electronics shop and let them do it? Thanks. Rod
  10. Thank you all for your input, it has helper me make my decision a lot faster. You guys and gals rock! Rod
  11. Freefall, believe it or not. I put it in low inside the helmet and I had earplugs and it was too loud. I must have dog ears or something!
  12. I have a full-face Factory Driver helmet and would like to mount my pro-track outside. I know it has a pocket in the inside, but the darn thing is too loud! even when I set it to low and wear earplugs. I have seen it done by drilling the holes and place "T" nuts and bolts, but it does not sit properly in the mount and I do not want to waste the 250 that I pay for it. Someone told me that if you use the zip-ties, you have to be careful with the raiser strikes, since the ties may brake. Any Ideas?? Thanks, Rod
  13. Just new to the forum and I would like to tell you that I'm exited to be a part of this community. I have been watching this forum for a while and I have to tell you all that it is very informative and I got a few hints and tips to help me in my progression. I still in student status (due to the sucky weather in the north west), but I will get my license soon! I'll see you up in the sky! Rod