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  1. Sorry for the wrong forum! Thanks for the help!!
  2. I posted an ad in the container classifieds section yesterday. Someone has responded to it but when I try to open the ad it gives me an error and says this classified can not be found... What did I do wrong?!? 44weeks?!? Vector 3 micron container NOW!! $800$
  3. Now the fireworks guy's mom wants more strict rules and regulations... Because people need to be told that lighting and launching an explosive from the top of your head is a poor decision stoopid people!
  4. There are plenty of ways that his parents could set up a trust to keep the 'family money' in the family. Many of which you/husband/kids would never have knowledge of until their passing. Once the will and trust has been enacted, it can be difficult to alter. Their demand to sign a pre-nup is misplaced since his parents could have avoided the entire ordeal by using a trust.
  5. I noticed the article gave no specifics on the cost increases law enforcement has realized. Oklahoma shares a tiny bit of border with Colorado and that border is in the panhandle. There is relatively no population to speak of out there so I question how much of an impact Colorado weed has on Oklahoma. The sooner state has always been a conduit for trafficking due to the number of highways that converge in Oklahoma City. One would think the attorney general would have a hard time proving the drugs are coming specifically from Colorado... As a side note there is a line in next years budget that prohibits federal money being spent on fighting laws that individual states have deemed legal. Does this preclude the Feds from becoming involved? Regardless, Nebraska and Oklahoma are probably making as much money in fines as they are spending on enforcement. edited for format
  6. I started on a Navigator 210 and was on a Sabre 170 when I graduated AFF with 20 jumps. (It was 20 jumps for an A license then) On jump 21 I was sold a Spectre 135. I stayed at that size for about 10 years... I now jump a Xaos 88 and have been on this wing for almost 4 years.
  7. Sounds like Im headin for Z-hills!! Thanks for the replies everyone!
  8. Flying into Tampa in about a week and staying for a week. Planning to make both sky and scuba dives. So the question is Lake Wales or Z-hills? Id like to make some freefly jumps and always bring beer to the DZ. looking on a map they seem equal distance from where I'll be so local opinion would be appreciated...
  9. I am certainly not a legal expert but I'd think the bartender/server would be held accountable first. The TBAC is instead ignoring that this lady was over served by what is considered a professional of the industry in favor of charging this guy. A. he is not a trained prof. who can identify who is drunk B. he did not make her drink said beverages C. he did not make her get in her car and drive drunk Say a group of 5 friends go to the bar and each buy a round of beers. Is everyone now liable for the actions of the other four for the rest of the night? What happened to personal responsibility!?! Screw buying drinks for others in Texas..
  10. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/local&id=9194523&hpt=ju_bn5 Thought this may be an interesting precedent if he ends up convicted. My thought is although he bought them, she chose to drink them and drive home. So, do you think he is liable?
  11. If you drink to the point of blacking out, you are extremely close to alcohol poisoning. might wanna dial it back a bit...
  12. Remember to take a trip around the rv park... if you see anyone out and about feel free to join us. Just remember to introduce yourself every so often