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  1. Having been a skydiver for a lot of years, I’ve seen plenty of friends resume jumping following surgical repair or replacement of hips, knees, etc. I’m wondering if any active dz.com jumpers have had shoulder replacement and resumed skydiving afterward. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery in the past, and resumed both Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formation at a fairly high level. The total shoulder replacement, however, is a whole new level. Kevin K.
  2. Juiciest gossip to appear here in quite a while. Never a dull moment at Lodi. Kevin K.
  3. kkeenan

    Bill Hector

    Bill has been a fixture of Florida skydiving for many years. I've jumped with Bill on dozens of POPS record attempts and fun jumps. He seemed to have the energy to run circles around guys half his age and always added his cheer and good vibes to any event. He will be sorely missed in Florida and plenty of other places where he was known and loved. So long, Bill. Blue Skies and thanks for the good times. Kevin Keenan
  4. kkeenan

    Greg Hartleb BSBD Melbourne Florida

    We will miss Greg. He was really one of the "good guys" in skydiving. Always great to jump with or just to be around. Greg spread good vibes wherever he went. This is really a wonderful sport, but having some of the most wonderful people you could meet taken like this is so very hard. Blue Skies, Greg. Fly free, Brother. Kevin K.
  5. kkeenan

    Skydiving Music Video

    Nice vid, Joe. Good shooting. Too bad the flaming canopy didn't get much footage in the final cut. Got any outtakes/bloopers you can share ? Kevin K.
  6. kkeenan

    crw dogs at fitz

    I'll be there, but you won't be able to tell because I'll be freefalling with the big-way. Kevin K.
  7. Pat, Congrats on a fine run in our fine sport. Best wishes for the next 50. Thanks for all that you have given back. Kevin Keenan SCR 3022
  8. kkeenan

    Good way to exit front floater

    Try to make sure that you don't get backwards to the relative wind. As you are in the door, your front arm and leg should come off first, so that your chest is into the wind. This will allow you maintain control and start flying immediately, rather than getting flopped around. A lot of front floating is the timing of your exit - too early, and you drop below, too late, and you land on top of the rest of the exit. If you are taking a 4-way piece off, it takes practice coordinating the timing with the other three. But if your chest is into the wind, you can fly through the exit and maintain your position. You don't have too many jumps, yet, so be hang in there, be patient and keep working on it. You will acquire the feel. Kevin K.
  9. All civil aviation regulations vary according to country...much like every other law in the world.
  10. kkeenan

    skydive radio

    Yes, they are. They seem to be getting back on a regular schedule again. The latest podcast came out on 6/3/. They are here: http://skydiveradio.com/ Kevin K.
  11. kkeenan

    Perris C.A

    If you want to be close and aren't too fussy about accommodations, check with the DZ for info on the Bunkhouse or the IHOP.
  12. kkeenan

    Ash Dive help

    I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter. Yours is a good idea for remembering her. Many riggers, especially at larger DZs, have experience in building containers for ash dives. If you're doing it this weekend, that may be a problem when it comes to fabricating something, but it's possible your rigger can suggest a solution. Kevin K.
  13. kkeenan

    more interesting goggles

    If you feel the need for $350 GPS-guided goggles...
  14. kkeenan


    Add DeLand to your list of consideration, and delete Titusville. I'm sure someone will provide an explaination for that one. Kevin K.
  15. kkeenan

    Fathom: The movie. 1967

    It may be a lame movie, but watching Raquel Welch pack a PC is worth the price of admission.