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  1. rapter

    Cal City Reunion 2018

    CALIFORNIA CITY 10 YEAR GONE REUNION- If anybody out there doesn't already know, Antoinette has set us up at the Original Cal City Skydive Center 5999 Curtiss Place. SATURDAY MARCH 24 2018. This is a 1 day event working with CASH ONLY and you MUST RSVP with Antoinette if you want to make jumps. IM her on FB. Can't wait to see everyone again![cool)
  2. When I was working there a few year ago, I drove over to Emerald Coast, had a real good time, and there was a little DZ. just a few miles form FWB http://www.emeraldskydive.com/
  3. rapter

    "Square" bailout parachutes?

    My guess they used stock footage, para gear did have a square bailout rig.
  4. The FAA has no problem with AADs and the ruling on CO2 changed in Aug. to where it's ok. I travel on demos and has been thru all kinds of issues with my rig. I have been stopped with my rig as carry on and my buddy in the next line was let to carry it on, I carry the FAA letter to show the TSA guys the rules when stopped ( you can get a copy off USPAs web site. and I never heard of a "gas cylinders" on an ADD, WTF is that? when asked I tell then there all electric.
  5. rapter

    Jerry Lewis skydiver?

    Why yes he is , at 81 he still jumps, and lands in the parking lot of the South Point while the wind are up. Remember his movie "Jumping Jacks", he did his own stunts back in the 50's, he's been a long time supporter of the "Flying Elvi", Ahhh, the magic of TV,......................
  6. rapter

    The Passing Of Thundercloud

    He can "stand down" now. If it weren't for Rob, I would have never met my wife.
  7. Cool, now try it from 12.5 a few miles up wind of the DZ. First time I did that I felt very small way up there.
  8. rapter

    Denny "Bear" Gaynor died

    Sad to hear the news, Bear was always really cool, seems like a nice way to go.
  9. rapter

    Just wondering

    The Reverend's name was brought up this weekend, I haven't seen him in like 10 years or so, last I heard he was in Northern California.
  10. rapter

    Joe Crotwell gone

    Joe did for me more anyone else in the sport, sport hell, a way of life, I'll miss you
  11. rapter

    Skmoke canisters

    Cold smoke from Paragear, works great as long as they haven't sat in the garage to long. A lot better then duct tape a Mk. 18 to your tennis shoe
  12. Ask Bob Sinclair I remember him talking about it. We Jumped one at Cal-City a few years ago, And I jumped another for a demo in Tx.
  13. rapter

    Bill Estes

    I know Bill, he was my first jumpmaster here in Cal-City in 84, He was stationed at Edwards, Left here I think late 80s early 90s Was married and had 2 kids, Not sure if he's still jumping. Was wondering too what happen to him.