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  1. Quoting BrianM from another thread; d.d.s.
  2. 2001, Swedish people had to pay almost 11 SEK (Swedish Krona) for $1USD. Today, we can buy 1USD for 6 SEK. So for us, the rig prices are about HALF of what they were in 2001
  3. Are there any articles/research about canopy wear in sunlight behind window glass? Or does the window filter all the UV light? d.d.s.
  4. Hey, Any one got an instruction on how to make a running loop (pop top loop)? Online or email, anything goes. PM me if you do. Thanks! d.d.s.
  5. I have one for the Student Zerox... PM me if thats what you´re looking for. d.d.s.
  6. Tried the search but didn't find what I am after. I´m in the process of educating my fellow jumpers at my dz about different line types and in particular the wear an tear of them. I´m looking for images that illustrate different wear on vectran, spectra and dacron. I found a good reference on PD´s website for HMA lines: This is what I want with the other line types! Thanks for your help. d.d.s.
  7. What is the benefit of making your own safety stow loops? I always have a few in stock! d.d.s.
  8. Unfortunately, we jump at our citys airport, and we can not convert to throwout. The reason is because we cant find a good way for the students to do dummy-pulls. We had plans of iserting crepe paper in the boc, while jadding the students, so the student pulls the crepe paper and thus creating a visual check for the instructor that the student actually has done the simulated throwout maneuver in a correct way. We are not allowed, by the airport, to throw anything that falls to the ground, thus making the crepe paper idea useless... So, we are keeping the BOC ripcord (yes, we have BOC ripcord). But the routing of the housing (it is routed from the boc - under the container - inserting the ripcord in the loop from the left side of the container when looking down at the rig), makes it difficult for the secondary release to be pulled with a conventional secondary release setup, because of the angle of the pull against the housing. Anyone got any ideas for us? Please help! d.d.s.
  9. Anyone here using Zerox student rigs with AFF modification? Could you please post a picture of how the mod is made, or describe it for me? We are in the process of doing the AFF mod on the Zerox rigs at our dz, but are sort of lost because of the odd main ripcord housing placement... d.d.s.
  10. Hey, its been a while since I've visited tried to search for Matter Tracer, but didn't find anyone that jumped one. Any thoughts of the suit? I've had a year off from skydiving, and only about 60 jumps total on a S3, so I'm not up to date. If no one has tried the Tracer, I'll go for the Acro (but I'm keeping my old S3). d.d.s.
  11. Hey, Anyone who can help me determinating what type of link this is? I'm guessing PdF, but what type? d.d.s.
  12. I'm in the middle of this fix-idea I have... That is building a kite from zp fabric and HMA lines. I'm planning to build a steerable kite. Not the size of a big "kite surfi'n"-kite, but a smaller one, and with no inflatable ribs. I have searched the web for guidance on how to build a kite (measurements, material etc), but I have had no luck in my journey to settle my mind, so I am now asking for help in the skydiving community. Anyone out there with "blueprints" on a kite? Anyone out there that knows where one can get hold of HMA lines? Any help/thoughts/experience or cheers would be awsome. Thanks! d.d.s.
  13. I am looking for an online Vector2 manual (RW does not have one on their website). Please help, thank you! /Bjorn d.d.s.