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  1. Sangiro: I'm pretty sure mine was through Enclave as it didn't have the form info from Too bad he's using a Yahoo! account. I may email [email protected] with this guy's info.
  2. Thanks, all! Just tryin to look out for a class act bunch of folks. :)
  3. As you know, I've been selling my gear on the Classified Ads here and also have them listed on Enclave. I believe this one came from Enclave because it didn't come through the email form. Anyway, I've been emailing this guy since Friday or so and today he sends me this: This came from a guy calling himself Lloyd Fisher and has this email address: [email protected] Now, I've heard of a lot of scams and this would be one of them. However, I've never heard of one coming through skydiving equipment. I just want those out there to watch out for this. Who knows, maybe he is buying some "heavy automobiles"...but I doubt it. Does anyone know this guy? Is he legit? I'm guessing he's not. So my question is there anyone I should send all of this information to?? Sellers Beware!!
  4. Excuse me, Bart! Could you give me back my underwear?
  5. Yeah... I'm not arguing about which is more expensive. However, $20 only REALLY buys you about a minute of freefall and about 3 minutes under canopy as opposed to 20 minutes of Hobbs time in a 152, so if you really want to split hairs... :) I just can't afford to do both at the same time and do all the other things I want to do. Buying a 1/2 share in an airplane takes a good portion of funds. Heh heh.
  6. It's very nice. I've been using it for 24 hours for all my stuff and it's GREAT!! Once I sell both my rigs, I'll be sending some Bail Money to Sangiro for thanks. It's a great resource. I just saved probably $20 already by not using eBay. Sangiro: did you get my message about editing your current ad? If you have a pic and edit, unless you choose it again, you lose it. Thanks again!
  7. I left for my checkride last November with 40.1 hours TT. I spent a grand total of $3300 using a C-152 @ $61/hr wet. I didn't buy the fancy DVDs or anything. Just read the book if you need, use Sporty's website for the written practice (I scored a 95% using only that site for a week) and save some bucks. (Granted, I paid $61/hr wet and only $18/hr for the CFI. That saved a lot.) Best of luck!
  8. Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, I guess between the two I can use flying in my business as well as personal use. Lots of friends can enjoy it too. That, and it is 10 minutes from my house as opposed to 2 hours. What does your bro do now? Reason I ask...there is a guy at the local airport that flys a 310 for a local business man. He resembles you quite a bit. Later!
  9. Hey guys...thanks for all the well wishes again. Yeah, I remember doing all those AV's for awhile and such. I sure wish I lived closer to the DZ. I know I'd continue jumping. Ah well... the world is my oyster. As far as the money on account, two years ago my wife and I paid for 100 jumps up front @ $18 a piece. However, we only used about 5-10 of them so far. Good planing, eh? We'll see what happens with it.
  10. I'm not sure if I can transfer the money or anything. I know that it is non-refundable. I may check. They are always fair, but in the skydiving industry, I understand that all income needs to be accounted for. It would be very hard for a DZO to return it...especially since it has been awhile. We'll find out what they say. :) Thanks for all the well wishes. You're doesn't have to be "Bye" forever, but there are a LOT of hobbies I still want to do (SCUBA, mtn bike, ski, etc etc etc) and I don't have the time or funds to do them all. We'll see!! Later. :) EDIT: I have sent an email. The grand total looks to be $1750. Ouch.
  11. Well, after our first jump almost 5 years ago at SGC and then the past 4 years spent at Skydive Wayne County, my wife and I are calling it quits. I have logged a whole 89 jumps in almost 4 years and she has only logged 67. We just live too far away to make it a regular thing and with a new baby and a more expensive hobby taking up my funds (flying), we are closing this chapter in our book. I just wanted to say HI and BYE to all the folks here that I've met and that have helped me out. I haven't been around much lately, but that's only because I haven't jumped much either. I jumped once yesterday after a year without a jump. The thrill just wasn't there anymore. Yes, it was fun to fly through the sky WITHOUT a plane and the canopy ride was awesome, but the thrill that makes the risk worth it is gone. Thanks to Sangiro for this site where I've learned a TON, thanks to the folks at Richmond and SGC and to all the folks here who I know and have met here and in Chicagoland. I'll continue to take friends and family down to Richmond for tandems. I have a few friends who want to go and it'll be fun to be there with them. The only bad part is that we're going to loose over $1500 on our account there. Suck! Blue skies, all!! P.S. Once I sell all our gear on the Classifieds, where is the link to send Sangiro some bail money? I owe him after 5 years.
  12. Sounds like a great time, Yoshi! I earned my ASEL this past November and hope to get done with my Insruments this year. I've been contemplating applying to all the local ANG squadrons around here. The helo is something I'd love to do someday. I've been up a couple times in one, but have never manipulated the controls. Stay safe!
  13. Feel free to delete my potato chipping video. I'm sure someone would rather see a hot flygirl instead. ;)
  14. It only gets worse. Go here
  15. Was this the guy that was spotted via airplane? I'm sure if he kept going they'd keep up with him and track him down eventually. That would have landed him in a WORLD of shit.