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  1. I would punch mr knoks if I could, your a douche sir.
  2. 2 full Shoe box's for my storage so far, working on filling box three.
  3. Heya Lew Thanks for the info How's life treating you guys?, I've been sitting here reading the 20D owners manual for the better part of an hour, its funny I was at the part for setting auto power down and it says it can be set to not power down, are you saying that with the remote plugged in the camera goes into an override of my personal setting or am I just missing something lol, I'm probably missing something tho, do you just have your auto off set to 2min and open/close the CF card slot and go? or something like that Are you or anybody using the 10-22mm lens, I'm getting one with the body, just curious about its performance, for the price it should cover most of my jumping work, I think
  4. Thats what I like about it, but I'm also wishing to know any down issues to? I'm a Nikon user so I don't really know anything about Canon, but I like what I've seen from them in the last couple of years. +K Blue Ones Deuce
  5. I like-e the Rebel XL, but the 5fps Vs.3fps and the 23 burst Vs. 14 bust does make the 20D a little more attractive to me, but I am kind of weird like that, the XL looks like a real nice camera with a great price for what they give you, Nikon just hasent taken there digitals in the direction I want, Oh! well, we all have to live with our decisions and this one is driving me up the wall Peace bro Scott
  6. Adapt-improvise-overcome I say, so do you have a link to the Nikon moders? Id like to take a look at least. Thanks Scott
  7. Hey Eric I do want to save money, but I also want a tool, you know me, i'm not about the money even though I never have any , I'm also looking a little at the soon to be released Rebel XL but the 20D and a 10-22mm len's would just get you drooling hehe, actually I'm just wanting the best I can afford and I can get the 20D if I want, so is that a thumbs up dood? You can get a new RebelXL with the 10-22 lens for the same price as just the 20's body, definitely something I'm looking at right now. Q: Any cons about the Canon cameras you can tell me about? Thanks man, see yaa around Scotty
  8. Hey D2 That you have to add the battery grip to get the remote shutter option with the D70 and D100, basically they didn't add this feature to there digital bodies, sort of a pain in the butt and I don't want to hard wire it in, I would love to add Nikon digital considering all of the Nikon stuff I have but I don't see much of a choice here unless someone tells me something about the D70 or 100's remote release that I'm not aware of?, just trying to keep it as compact as posible. Thanks Scott
  9. Heya Jumpers I did a search but not much here yet about this model, I don't expect to find to many using this camera but if you are I would like your opinion and pros-cons of this body, I'm switching from Nikon to canon, what a pain in my wallet but Nikon has let me down, I hope Sony doesn't screw me to Peace at Y'all Scott
  10. Were sorry dood. I like my Mac to, very stable machines for us jumpers. Peace bro Scott
  11. I had to order them from stroboframe, I couldn't find any one selling them, but there set up with a alignment pin and work quite well for me. Peace Scott
  12. Pretty much how I see it on the first two, but saying that Sony consumer camcorders are expensive or serious is a bit much in the big world of video cameras, lenses and accessories. there are lots of cheap ones (camcorders) on ebay for the beginning videographer. I paid about $2000.00 for my first DV camcorder in 1997 and a Sony HC-20 cost 1/4 of that price now and can do 3-4 times the amount of stuff that the TRV-9 could do when I bought it new. Just my angle Rob, IÕm not trying to slam you or anything. Also if you know OB say high for me. Blue Ones Scott
  13. Well those decisions are totally up to you. I only had 100 jumps when I started jumping cameras and all of the you need this and that before you do anything is, well, off of the mark. Everybody's different in there maturity and how well or fast they learn, the BSRÕs are just recommendations and USPA has no ÒrealÒ power over you the skydiver, only you know whatÔs right or wrong, safe or dangerous for your skill level. As for recommended camcorders, all I can say for certain is stick with Sony, and top mounting in the beginning is safer than going side mount, stick with belly flying and just a few people until your proficient and comfortable with using, operating and flying cameras. Id try and find a raged out Sony TRV, HC or PC on ebay and start there, IÕve broken 5 camcorders and 2 still cameras in 8 years, but I also consider cameras as disposal property because if you donÕt, your going to be real upset the first time you have one go tits up on you. Good Luck as you go forward with this endeavor Scott
  14. I personally donÕt think that this would be a good first choice, if you go to there site and read the specÕs on the camera it seems very restrictive in its use and the supported formats seem to me, to suggest its more of a toy than a usable skydiving camcorder. There are some camcorders for sale on the classifieds and ebay has more than you can shake a stick at. I also think itÕs going to be more than a few years before this type of technology gets to the point that it will be usable for skydiving purposes. unless you like to waste money and time, in which case go for it. Scott
  15. This guy wrote me months ago, Basically he wants all the video youÕll give him with no promise of use or money, and no contractual obligation to you to use your material or to not sell it to someone else. I personally do not think itÕs a good ideal, but IÕm also under contract with a stock footage provider and could not give him video anyway. Scott