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  1. Hey, Has anybody flown from egypt to spain? i'm struggling to find a direct flight on the net. ideally sharm to seville but i know i wont be that lucky. anyone know a good one change route? Thanks Mike
  2. Thanks, thats good info.
  3. Can someone tell me what harness size C-19 is when talking about a jav Odd? Thanks.
  4. Cool thanks. hopefully we can check perth out later in our trip.
  5. thanks... off to fly to melbourne now so will check those out later. 4 way comp this weekend sounds good and we have decided to get a car for a week to check all the dz's round melbourne. see you soon
  6. always one smart arse.........
  7. anyone know of an austrailian forum?
  8. Perris valley. All the way. Good and friendly instructors. Lots of gear and planes so fast or slow turn arounds whichever you want. Facilitles are top notch. Tunnel resturant bunk rooms showers. Sorry elsinore is nice but Perris has it all and more. Visit elsinore when you have qualified. Learn in the biggest and best place and you wont go far wrong. Happy landings which ever you decide.
  9. Hello there, in sydney at the mo. weather seems to be best in the southern regions otherwise i would be heading to ramblers. so i will head that way later in my trip. looked at all the dz.com and apf listed dz's and adelaide or melbourne are coming out best. doesnt seem to be much happening in perth. what are your recommendations?
  10. Anyone had any luck importing new equipment via UPS or other means and not paying duty & vat? Thanks.
  11. Can anypne please tell me how a sabre 150 compares to a ZP exe155? I was looking for a sabre 150 and someone has offered me a ZP exe155? Gear descriptions on this site states ZP is an eliptical but manufactures site dont mention it. Thanks.
  12. Your a true pioneer, you will be compared to for many many years to come. Like Jib says stick around we need your wisdom and unique outlook. Have fun.
  13. Well if you fancy doing some 4 way there is always people around. I am part of a team and i think we have lost a member now, so if the rest of us are there you are welcome to jump with us. We are no skygods and we arent the kind of people that get upset when things dont go right. Its all about having fun. There is always plenty of people to jump with, and being a girl you will have you pick of the bunch! So turn up and dont worry, Hib is a friendly place. Most of the time!