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  1. yeah I more agree that it's kind of personal journey! I've just started skydiving and I'm really looking forward to my journey!!
  2. I totally agree with you !! Thanks! ! Blue skies from Perris!
  3. Thanks guys! I basically believe that skydiving is a personal journey and everyone has different opinions and feelings about it ! yeah I was just wondering about this question yesterday.... Blue skies from Perris!
  4. Ok so I just had this weird skydving dream. In the dream I guess I already did wingsuiting, and I jumped out of helicopters. Everything was good at first, but I experienced parachute malfunction at an extremely low altitude (I guess maybe during landing) and I did something, I couldn't remember... not cut-away,, but I did sth that saved my life. after landing the incident was reported and I remember my dad was super worried about me. I was alive. And the last thing I remember in the dream is I was trying to send several instagram posts about it. That's weird ha? but I'm not a person who believes in supernatural things, lol !
  5. Hi all, Life is short and we need to do what we truly love. But there may be some external or internal reasons that we quit from skydiving. Let me be clear. I'm a newest skydiver at Perris and going to do AFF in December this year. After my two tandems I've instantly got hooked and I'm really passionate about it. But sometimes I'm just wondering how long the passion can last. Right now, I hope it can last for LIFE!
  6. Hi fellows, Why skydiving full face helmets are so expensive?? Any suggestions on where I can buy helmets with flexible prices?? Thanks a lot.
  7. really they pulled for you during AFF??? I hope I can pull by myself during leve 1 hahaha...yes I don't worry about it now. Thanks bro!
  8. yeah I didn't buy that video package so there was no cameraman this time....kinda expensive..lol
  9. Thanks for the encouragement bro! I will practice more in my FJC...I was worried about the "pull" issue this past weekend hahaha
  10. Thank you! So second time will be easier you mean and I need to practice to pull on the ground. student rig is different from the tandem rig so maybe it's a bit easier to pull?
  11. She told me I did great at the end. She also said I jumped out good but I need to try to pull next time.
  12. Hi my fellow skydivers, My name is David and I am a future AFF student. The day before yesterday I went to the DZ at Perris, CA to do 4-minute indoor (learn to ARCH in the tunnel, need to work on my legs and arms more in the future! But I did good during my first time) and my second tandem jump. I finished my first jump two weeks ago and I couldn't wait to jump again lol. My instructor is a tandem examiner and she asked me to practice AFF level 1 stuff during my second tandem: good ARCH, altitude awareness, three practice pulls, lock on at 7000 ft, wave off at 6000 ft and pull by myself. I think the reason she asked me to do extra work is that I already jumped once and learned to ARCH in the tunnel...and I'm determined to come back and do AFF. So we went on a skyvan, which was pretty cool because Tom Cruise once jumped from that plane haha. I felt a little dizzy when the plane went up but I was fine. We jumped from 12,500 ft AGL and at the moment we jumped out of the skyvan I didn't know if I did a good ARCH. I think it was because of the sensory overload..and I guess during this short period I couldn't do and remember much. I went through the video yesterday and found out that I need to control my legs more in my future jumps...not a very standard arch. After this short period everything became clear and stable. I checked my altitude and I remember it was 10,000 ft. Then I tried to do three practice pulls (also not very standard lol but indeed I did three times) Then my instructor made us spin. During the spin I checked my altimeter again and it was 7,000 ft. I remember I was like" oh shoot time is fast I need to pull very soon" then I locked on my altimeter and keep checking altutude. I waved off at 6,000 ft but then I failed to locate the ripcord and pull. My instructor pulled for me after a few seconds. We had a very good landing after and I really enjoyed the canopy ride. The view was absolutely incredible. So here is my question: I failed to locate the ripcord and pull the parachute. Is this going to become a problem for my future AFF? Thank you! To see my 2rd tandem video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvDFHVIPY-4 My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en Try to make friends with skydivers as many as possible!