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  1. The design and the trim of the airfoil is the most important for colapse and turbulence resistence So, the center pressure (CP) of the airfoil, the camber, inlets position and the trim is very important for colapse and turbulence resistence. We know that when we want more airfoil performance (speed and flare power) we lost some safety So, for HP canopys the CP is put more rear instead of the normal 25% of airfoil and the camber is more increased for more lift coef It make the canopy more performant but less safe in turbulence. roq
  2. The problems with Cypres and Vigil never resulted in expulsion or banishment of the market. They always had protection and the second, third, fourth, fifth... opportunity If the Argus was alone in the market, Argus would never banned So was easy to destroy the weaker party. Hypocrisy The actual situation of the Aviacom is can solved only in justice by court In my opinion, In moment the Aviacom have no other alternative and all possible palliative for try to remedy the problem and their customers can not have definitive effect I understand the Aviacom, when they were put against the wall, they can only give a response to customers after court decision roq
  3. Like I know, not in Portugal, Texas, Perris. In Poland is not conclusive... roq
  4. I do not understand how still misgivings about if the loops are broken before or after impact If the loop was cut after the impact the cutter will show many filaments loop with signals clear that they were torn and that not was cut by the guillotine cutter Today have many forensic and engineering laboratories that can give the fast and conclusive answer roq
  5. I don't agree For several years of experience with armides (kevlar) and spectre (PE) lines in all situations the kevlar broken more easy than spectre. You can make a simple experience. Try to cut one line of kevlar and other of the spectre with scissors blunt You can see that the line kevlar broken and cut all and the spectre don't cut all wires One of reasons tha the kevlar is refused for loops is exactly because the less abrasion and elasticity resitence that can make expontaneous broken when suject for fast and strong tension or pression, that can cause the open container out of the time when the loop is in poor conditions or it is suject a very surge strong forces. roq
  6. Yeah, maybe... But I think, because the guillotine is tight after shooting, it is a scenario appropriate for to grab a few loose strands of the loop and avoid the opening the container roq
  7. (Needless to say, designing a cutter that will cut reliably during the first firing would be ideal.) Or, and may be one cutter that remain loose (without pression) inside the hole after firing.
  8. I agree with the John, I don't understand that the dynnema (polyetilene fibres) was utilized for aad reserve loop for all time. The superior elasticity and resistence of the dynnema can avoid the normal separation of the loop filaments .This problem is incresed because the design of the AAD cutters of today Is urgently necessary to make another cutter design with guilhotine free after fire. Also I think too that the kevlar (aramide) is more suitable for to make the reserve aad loops because the aramide have less broken resistence and less elasticity roq
  9. Here my RDS slider (used) with stainless stell rings. With more than 2000 jumps without any problem, price 160 euros new. roq
  10. I make complet RDS slider for Velocity or other canopy The portuguese team Rodrigo Ferreira and Carlos Faustino jumped with my my RDS system in last two years. Roq
  11. roq

    RUSH reserve

    I have 5 cutaway with quick reserve 120 and 1 with quick 135. All with good opennings and goog landings. my weight with gear 172 lb roq
  12. I jump a Demon 70 to 2.4. I think this is a better wing load for swoop with this canopy. roq
  13. Be sure that the Onix is the best cross braced canopy in the moment. The onix is very ahead of the other concepts of the current canopys If some top pilot to compete with the onix you can believe that will win even to the velo I am not sponsored by the atair! Only I know the modern canopys project and I admire the excellent work of the atair in the onix. roq