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  1. I guess Performance Designs best kept secret must be getting out. I have had a lot of demo request for the Silhouette lately. Anabel Durham [email protected]
  2. I think your Trek, and My Trek need to take to the road together sometime. Cheers Anabel
  3. Hi This is Anabel from Performance Designs I just check to make sure I did not over look your request but I do not show where I have received one. Our Power was out for just under a week, and we just got phones service back Monday, and our internet started to come back up on Tuesday. Not sure when you sent it in, but if you could please fill out our online demo request, and resend it I will be more than happy to help you with it. Cheers Anabel
  4. Kolla is safe and was not even in Florida for the Hurricane. She was at the Richmond boogie, safe and sound. In fact she has been lucky enough to be gone for both of the Hurricanes. I am sure she will appreciate your concern. Cheers Anabel Performance Designs
  5. As of yet our phones are still not up. Thanks again for everyone's patients with this, and for the continued support. As for the not suffering much from this storm, well we may not have a damage to the factory, but many of us has sustained damage to our personal property, and quite a few of us still do not have power, or water. I'll tell you what going threw this has made me personally appreciate the simpler things in life. If any of you all have a personal issue that needs to be addressed with Performance Designs, please do not hesitate to send me a PM. Cheers Anabel Performance Designs
  6. I will pass on the info to Donna. I would think that she can set it up to go back out as soon as we get it back. It may already be back, but I would not have that information. Once I get confirmation from Donna I will get back in touch with you. Cheers Anabel
  7. Hey Lew We did get your canopy in today. I have already set up a demo to be sent out to you, but I do not belive you will get it till Monday or Tuesday. It went out today so I cant do anything about how it was shipped. Cheers Anabel
  8. I'm glad I was able to hook you up before the weather hit. Hope the boogie went well. Cheers Anabel
  9. Yeah as far as I know everyone is fine. We still have no phones, but are operating as best we can. Cheers Anabel
  10. Greetings from Performance Designs in Deland Florida Performance designs did not sustain any structural damage from the Hurricane, and as of yesterday afternoon power has been restored. However we still do not have any phone service, or internet access. If you try to send an email it will be sent back at this time. Good news is since our power has been restored we have resumed production. I will update further once our phone service has been restored. Cheers Anabel Durham Marketing Representative Performance Designs
  11. Performance Designs standard policy it that you are able to keep the canopy for two week, however due to the overwhelming request received for the Katana they have deviated from the normal two weeks to one. Once they waiting list for the Katana goes down they will be sending the Katana out for two weeks just like the rest of their demos.
  12. Thank you all for the kind words. It sure has made my day. This is one of the things I love about this sport is getting to know so many great people from all over. Thanks again for all of the positive vibes.
  13. Congrats! I new you could do it. I only wish I could have been out to see it. You have shown more determination than anyone else I have come across.
  14. I just received this from a friend thought I should pass it on. AB Greetings, I felt compelled to let you know that if you plan to use the service, it is a bullshit scam, which did not really surprise me. Unfortunately I agreed to use them even though the pay they were offering for tandems they scheduled to come to my DZ is so low, I am embarrassed to admit I agreed to it in the first place. I asked two of the customers (that came out to my drop zone after they scheduled through Skyride) what they ended up paying. It was then that I learned that the people are getting charged an additional $40 "Port Fee" per jump. The customers asked me what a Port Fee was and I told them that it must be a scam fee from that company and I had no idea what a Port Fee was supposed to be for, other than getting more money out of each customer. Of course I will not see any of that additional fee. There were other fees attached to their bill that drove the price up even further. Bottom line-they are screwing any of the customers and drop zones using their system.