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  1. Hi, what is the best way to do barrel roll with semi lightly loaded canopy? (Wl1.2~1.4). Rears seems to be pretty powerful, but one canopy coach said that its dangerous to do agressive turns with rears.
  2. Mamba 132 wl 1.35 Very fast turning with rears, flat glide, but dives nicely. Flare power is good. Frontriser pressure high, and opening are too fast with propack.
  3. Hi, i am considering to buy aerodyne mamba 132. I would load it at 1.35 lb/ft Is it too low wingloading for this canopy, could it be safety issue?
  4. All videos i have seen where reserve was spinning, canopy was optimum. It is dangerous because body position is often bad when opening reserve. Then line twists locks another riser higher and that cause spinning.
  5. Is it possible to attach front-mounted round reserve to ordinary skydiving container? Hip rings would be good attaching points. This combination would allow forexample intentional cutaway.
  6. Imagine case that jump plane engine fails shortly after takeoff and you are not able to get back to runway. You will land to forest or settlement. What is minium altitude you would jump and immediatly pull reserve and not land in plane? You have pretty good probability to die or get major injuries if you stay in plane. Note, horizontal airspeed speeds up reserve opening. I would jump at 200m/ 650ft or higher. Its 7seconds to impact. Two seconds for exit and pull, and five seconds for reserve opening. Nearly always reserve will fully open in five seconds.
  7. Hi, What are differences between these two canopies? Which has flatter glide? What about recovery arc? Wl would be~ 1.4, -1.5
  8. Sunrise says in their websites its made pr-113-126 so opt 143 has same packvolume than pr126.
  9. Hi, i have 150 sabre 2 and 143 pd optimum in my wings w5. Is this overstuffing container? Is it possible it slows down reserve opening especially low speed deploment because of tight container an pc dont get enough drag to pull freebag out?
  10. Hi, i am interested in doing some crw, but i really dont have money to buy another parachute(crw). I am planning: -sitting on canopy nose -standing on canopy top skin -hit firiends endcell with my body side If flying carefully, is it safe enough? My canopy is microlined sabre2 150 loaded 1.2 At least i should wear thick pants to ensure lines are not injuring me.
  11. Hello Are there new canopies coming soon to market? And what experience level? Pd? Icarus? Aerodyne? something else manufacturer?
  12. I jump with sabre2 150 wl 1.2 about 140 jumps with this canopy. Openings are soft, but nearly ever on heading. I havent had never linetwists, excluding bad body position openings. Flies nice and good flare.