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  1. Using this RDS on my Wairwolf 75 and love it. Reassembly has never been easier and faster
  2. i will get my FT30 top skin AW79 by the end of November. Then I'm able to say how it pack in relation to a VK84. provehito in altum
  3. Have a look at these videos, especially the second one provehito in altum
  4. Hi Max Welcome to the Club. Same issue. Send my Hero4 black back to Amazon for a refund. My Hero3 Black is also having issues. provehito in altum
  5. My Max Reading was 94mph (TAS, VISO) doing a 360 on a Paratec R.A.G.E. 86 @ 2.2. I´ve got my Viso in June last year and after the first few jumps with it, i send my Cypres 2 back to airtec, to change it to Swoop mode. Now, on a couple of jumps i logged readings of 86-92 mph for more then 2 sec. Blues Frank provehito in altum
  6. Hi and i´ve land my 86 just only with the rears!! no toggles! at 0 knots wind! on the R.A.G.E. it is possible to pull the rears more then 6inch down and the wing is still not stalling. blues frank provehito in altum
  7. Hi Which one?? i compared the foil of the 107 and the 86 with the foil of a same sized velocity and the R.A.G.E. is 1 inch thinner! to the breaklines, maybe the line would be run through the toggle grommet 2 or 3 times. (was the demo on risers?) at normal lineset the breakline should be about more then 1 inch to long. blues Frank provehito in altum
  8. Hi why not?? i saw speed reserves deployed by cypres at high over 300km/h (185mph/161 knots) and there are no damage to the lines or the fabric. the speed reserve has all state of the art reinforcements blues Frank i also saw videos of droptest for the tandem speed reserve. 250kg deployed at a topspeed of near 500km/h. just a steeringline break. provehito in altum
  9. Hi if you want a small packing reserve, have a look for the Paratec Speed 2000. a few weeks ago we put a speed 190 in a rig build for a tempo 135. blues Frank provehito in altum
  10. HI for some information have a look at these pdf (german) Don´t know the exact price but just ask [email protected] also for demo´s and all the other stuff blues Frank provehito in altum
  11. I wonder how long it takes to deflate once you're on the ground Maybe the vacuum-pack will come back in style soon. Hi it handle like a normal ram air canopy. only when you pack it, the air "stuck" a little bit. by the way, the last 10 landings i land my 86 with nothing but rear risers. at all wind conditions and no fell of getting close to a stall. blues Frank provehito in altum
  12. hi yes the old zerox was a vector clone, the new zerox is a next clone! blues provehito in altum
  13. Hi Look for reviews of the paratec next container, both are the same exept for the pin cover. And yes, the Zerox/Next is very freefly friendly, no need for extra riser cover.i jump Next now in the 7th year blues Frank provehito in altum
  14. HI about 300m, very soft, and on heading a fired brake is no big deal, just lean on the side the brake get lost. blues Frank provehito in altum
  15. The R.A.G.E. is still on. Last weekend the first round of the german swooping was held in höxter. And Karsten Dieck (on R.a.g.e 86) wins every round but the f..... freestyle :-( but see the scores for your self blues Frank provehito in altum