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  1. I need to get an RDS for my VK (the seller only included the drawstring slider.) Does anybody have any thing to say on the TST or Fluid Wings RDS' from Chuting Star in relation to PD's stock slider? I want to make sure I'm not making a mistake by saving money on these other companies. Thank you for any and all help.
  2. boozy

    CYPRES 2

    CYPRES 2 Speed. Stolen/Lost from shipping box.
  3. boozy

    The RSL and Skyhook Debate

    wmw999, you make very good points. The reserve was starting to dive towards the end, which was most likely due to the twists being more pronounced on one side, totally fixable. It wasn't the end of the world, I would have just rather deployed the reserve myself. I had plenty of altitude to deal with it. Just personal preference now not to use an RSL. But, I recommend them to any and all jumpers, unless they have a good reason not to have one, and have thought it out logically. The Skyhook did its job, I was just spinning like a top from the main :(
  4. boozy

    The RSL and Skyhook Debate

    Here's what really happens when using a Skyhook with a high performance canopy:
  5. Daily Videos of entertainment from my video collection. Enjoy!
  6. This is exactly why I tell new skydivers to stay away from the forums/this site in general. You have people with no experience posting garbage. For example, you ask a question and get responses that don't apply (Chris-Ottawa), responses with complete made up bullshit in them (kmfreefly), and then just responses from fat, dorks that would be out of breath chasing the ice cream truck 15 feet, just trying to get a jab in because their boss makes them do too much 10 dollar an hour bitch work (regulator). Of course there are people that try to help like CarloC, which I appreciate, but I tried Ward already. Believe me, I would never try this site first for any real information, it is a last resort, always. So, as it's happened many times today, nobody has been helped.
  7. Well, I'm trying to get a picture of a G4.1 MZS. Was I speaking Spanish in my previous post?
  8. Just as the title says, I need a picture of a Mirage G4.1 MZS container, preferably being worn.
  9. I'm going to have to agree with JP on this one. This stunt sets a terrible example for students and low time jumpers. Almost every single weekend that goes by one of my AFF students will refer to some retarded stunt and ask "so, how do I plan something like this?" and I have to spend 10 extra minutes explaining why whatever they are talking about is a dumb ass idea. These students usually don't make it through AFF, they are no doubt disappointed with not being able to BASE jump on day two, and by day three jump out over their house, landing in the party their moron friends are having. I personally don't want people like that in the sport, they are coming into it for all the wrong reasons. This stunt has been done, it's been done many times I'll bet, so it is only 'kick ass' to somebody that's been in the sport for a few minutes. I have been on a jump with Travis P. and he can barely land a canopy. Sounds like just the right time to start stunting to me because after all he's a pro motocross racer, he can totally handle this pussy sport, right? Oh and he has BASE jumps too, and why not, he put in his 20 skydives before hand, he is totally ready!
  10. It's all good dude, have fun and be safe :)
  11. I don't know what A. Capers means. Latin for something mean? Anyway, did you not read the bottom of my post where I said this is simply my opinion? I didn't mean that line about being cool as a direct shot to you, Travis. I didn't deserve that asshole attack from you. You barely say two fucking words to me in real life, yet you will attack me on the internet? How old are you? I almost never post on here, but I saw a post from a fellow mile-hi jumper, which to the best of my knowledge involved me. So, I posted what I thought about the situation. The end.
  12. Someone I know claimed that the 135, 150 and 170 are not "real Katanas, they changed the design completely, so they fly completely different."*** I still stand by what I said about the large Katanas. I had a chance to jump a KA135 for 150 jumps while my KA120 was having the demons exorcised from it. I was loading the 135 at about 1.39, which is about what you are loading your KA170 at, so I feel the comparison is pretty close. The biggest difference in these larger models is they don't stay in a dive like the smaller ones do. I think my Sabre2 120 stayed in a dive longer than the KA135. The openings were also longer on the 135, the canopy would snivel for what seemed like eternity, long enough for me to think to myself "Jesus, open already!”. The canopy felt like a ground hungry version of the sabre2, which I have owned 2 different sizes of. My KA120, and now my KA107 feel much more high performance, and I don't believe that is solely due to the wing loading increase. The openings are faster, but not hard, the smaller models also stay in a dive much longer than the 135. I think that the Katana is a swoop canopy and the larger sizes are getting away from that fact. I'm not sure exactly who the larger wings are made for. Perhaps just those who want to feel cool when they say they jump a Katana, when in fact they have no desire for high performance landings and should most likely stick to a wing that is more forgiving. I understand that scaling a canopy is difficult, and I also believe there is good reason that the "big Katanas" took so long to hit the market, I think a lot had to be changed on these wings in order to make them fly (not really) like the smaller sizes. And of course PD isn't going to say "Yeah, the canopies we've been working on for a few years now don't fly at all like the smaller versions" that would make them sound retarded. They want to sell as many canopies as possible and agreeing with a seemingly asshole statement like "these fly nothing like the smaller ones" would be stupid. So "I talked with PD" doesn't hold much ground with me. This is all simply my opinion on one of the larger sized Katanas and how it compares to the other sizes I have jumped. So, take from it what you will.