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  1. I am so old school.... I remember watching the real GI Joe PSA after the cartoons!!! Maybe I am just OLD
  2. Then you will LOVE THIS:
  3. It is just funy to watch you in with a bunch of good swoopers.... It is like then say... if you want to look thin... hang around with a bunch of fat people. Nice job anyways blanco-neno... too bad your ass got ssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkeeeeeeeeddddddddd! (see what I mean here):
  4. Who is the jackass at 3:01 into the video that misses the pond completely???
  5. What about this.... How many Birdman jumps (or better yet, what abilities should one have on a wingsuit) before they start taking passengers? I want to be able to perform flips and rolls and try to induce instability/recovery before I attempt to take any passengers.
  6. Welp.... I did it! I made 4 jumps on the GTi and loved them all! I did it on the gear I know and fly on a regular basis with no big issues. All I have to say is that I am now in the market for my own suit. Thanks to all that posted their input here!
  7. Shut up and go back to South Africa you loser!
  8. I completely agree here, I have been working with a couple local experienced wing suit jumpers and getting feedback where ever possible. I have also been in contact with Vladi about my first flight (on recommendation from a BM-I at Sunpath... Thanks Lyle!) There will definately be a lot of dirt diving and planning before I take the first flight. Thanks for all the feedback people!
  9. This is something I have thought deeply about... the Nitron has always handled very well in line twists as far as flying straight and flat (although there is always a first time for everything), but I also look at it from this perspective: 1) new form of skydiving 2) borrowed gear 3) different handle if I use another rig (I use a javelin freefly pud handle on a throw out BOC) 4) not only will I have a suit to get used to.... I will also have to remember I am flying a different canopy. Anyone that understands how accidents tend to happen will tell you that they happen due to a bunch of small things going wrong to add up to one big problem. I would rather use the gear I trust and know like the back of my hand. (Rememebr that most fatalities in this sport happen when using unfamillair or borrowed gear) But I can agree with you on this which is making me feel torn between what to jump.
  10. I am looking into taking my first flight on a Bird-Man this coming weekend and have become a little confused about the deployment method. From the Bird-Man website their manual states: But when I have talked to a BMI about deployment he mentioned that they have revised the method to more of a "sitting" deployment. What are experienced flyers thoughts on either process? I will be flying a Javelin Odyssey (unmodified for wing suit flight) with a Nitron 135 with an approximate loading of 1.4 (I have about 600 jumps, 300 of which are on the Nitron 135)
  11. Melissa.... Since you and I jump at the same DZ, I highly recommend a LOT more skydives before attempting BASE. Also, you might want to talk to a couple of BASE jumpers that jump at our DZ first (I'll point them out to you next time I see you). Also watch the Bridge Day video we have been watching for a few weekends lately, this might change your mind.
  12. I have to agree, that at Jumptown (my home DZ) I thought this was a little extreme to limit it to 2 landing directions. Keep in mind the landing area in question is limited to C liscense and above jumpers... But as one of our most experienced instructors pointed out to me last season: "If you are experienced enough to be landing in the experienced landing area.... you should be experienced enough to handle a crosswind/downwind landing." if you are curious about what this area looks like... The experienced landing area is the small square of dirt at the bottom of the photo... others that want to land differently than the pre-determined direction can land in the middle of the runways and also the area to the upper left of the experienced area in that photo. Plenty of choices. To me.... it is the best way to set the landings here since so many people are coming of age/experience in higher perfomance canopy piloting at our young and growing DZ. my 2 cents.
  13. skydiveguy

    XM radio

    I got this about a month ago since I recently took a job that keeps me on the road for 50% of my week.... I have not bought a CD since... This is definately not for everyone, but if you like a variety of different music and cant stand DJ's or ad's (I hate them) then it is DEFINATELY WORTH IT! And the Delphi Boombox is a definate travel companion now for the DZ.... listen while I pack and edit tandem vid's... and for hanging by the fire pit at night. Since our DZ is far away from any descent free radio stations... this is perfect (plus you get unlimited listening for the same $9.99/month) Sold on XM!
  14. this site is way too funny to pass up.... Built by and updated by a skydiver.... What more do I need to say (except it is not for the weak minded and easily offended)
  15. and I thought the IT industry were the only ones that were worried about their jobs being outsourced. It seems that even the lowest form of employee is no longer safe.