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  1. I heard there is gonna be a wind tunnel at skydive chicagos summerfest. Does anyone know if this true, and what the price would be? Thanks Jay
  2. Thanks for the info guys..I thought it be much more expensive
  3. I was just wondering if its a common service for your rigger to ship cypress out for four year inspection and can rigger install new batteries before shipping,and what would be an estimated cost for both. Thank J
  4. How about, "One Nation Under Satan".That seems more reasonable to me.
  5. Perhaps you shouldn't go skydiving on that date. Just a thought.
  6. Lollapalooza "94" From what I can remember through my acid induced haze, is that the smashing pumpkins sucked,but the Beastie Boys was the next thing to a full blown spiritual experience
  7. I'm thankful that we stole your land and killed all your people after you taught us to make pop corn..I'm thankful that we cut down your trees and built power plants so we can cook thanksgiving dinner faster...I'm thankful that we tell fairytales to our kids about the friendship between you and the pilgrims. I'm thankful we have a few sports teams named after you, and I think a crayon too.That should make up for ripping your lives away. But most of all, I'm thankful for that delicious, chemically infested bird that makes me feel like I had taken 2 mg. of zanax when I'm done eating
  8. 12bhi


    God I wish I could drink myself retarded right now! I NEED BEER VIBES!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 12bhi


    You're right Sunshine...This popcorn thing is some crazzzzzzy shit!
  10. I hear you..I've experienced that connection.But when I listen to Jimmy I feel so humbled and a tad dicouraged.
  11. 12bhi


    Damn you! Got to go make some popcorn now...
  12. Right on!!!! The media filling our society with all this fear just breeds more death...Its not the guns, its fear, ignorance and greed... By the way, I seen the movie tonight! KIck AsS!!!
  13. Damn I wish I could play like that man...He was definitely of somewhwere else....