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  1. SPY

    Sky heroes?

    Hello! Anybody here did online business with Sky heroes? Reliable? Any major problems? PM if you prefer thanks!
  2. For what it is worth, here is my experience with the VX: Out of roughly 1000 jumps on a 86 (made in april 2004): Half of those jumps were with vectran lines and the original line trim and the openings were consistently brisks as already said but I cannot recall having been properly slammed. It was always opening the same way, briskly but straight and predictable. The others jumps were made with the line trim of the JVX (still vectran lines) and the openings are significantly softer on the average. Having said that, they are less consistant, less predictable. It's more often than not all over the place during the opening. I had a few solid openings but never been properly slammed neither *knock on wood*. About older or newer vx, I have no information. Hope that helps S-P ===========================
  3. Have a look on this page to have an idea of the used market http://www.nzpf.org/classifieds_1_3/index.php?clearoff=1 By the way, NZ is a great place to live.
  4. This is THE drop zone for skydivers in the South Island. Period. Staff is more than friendly and ready to greet visitors (on the very first jump I found a buddy to skydive with); The landing area is huge enough for a blind skydiver to make it easily; Facilities are very clean, useful, comfy and looks like a professionnal place; Scenery is to South Island standards: gorgeous. To summarize: go there!
  5. For a tandem skydive, this is the place to go in New Zealand! Very friendly staff, comfy plane and a dramatic postcard scenery. Oh and the 15 000ft option is a must! Go for it!
  6. SPY

    Hi Tech Humor

    In another version the hillbilly farted and then explained that it was a fax incoming... S-P ===========================
  7. Thanks Yoshi! S-P ===========================
  8. Does he writes here sometimes? Freefli and Kansas Thanks S-P ===========================
  9. There's nothing more dangerous than a bunch of skydivers grounded during a windy week end... S-P ===========================
  10. Hi there! I may begin rear risers swoop this summer and want some inputs specific to the crossfire2. Do you guys piloting an XF2 have consistantly landed it with rear risers? If so I will greatly appreciate any review about it that covers transition between rear risers and toggles flare, stall point and any other aspect you noticed. Big thanks to you ! S-P ===========================
  11. That would suck big time if the car gets pregnant of that guy! ! ! S-P ===========================
  12. [reply Right. So technically this pic doesn't meet the requirements for this thread as it isn't a swoop anymore.. That would kill my theory that it was due to the weight of "frozen condensation" on the pilot chute... Theory killed !!! S-P ===========================
  13. Do what you want but you won't experiment it. We are a bunch using Suunto at my home DZ, some as a primary alti for maybe 2-3 years with no reported problem at all. What you'll have to experiment is your comfort level with the size of the numbers on the display. You may find them too small or less readable than a conventionnal alti. S-P ===========================
  14. This thread is too funny! Had a passenger pretty scared al the way to altitude that, once in the air, became so stiff that he kept the star-like position once the canopy was open, and I mean stiff as a 2" X 4" wood beam... He stayed that way until I told him that he can relax, and had to insist it was OK. Another one ( kind of testosteronic-look guy with an attitude of no fear) had the same kind of reaction but probably realized he may look stupid so he told that he enjoy being in the air that way... S-P ===========================
  15. Hi Lisa Some questions about it: Do they have the same design? Same chin strap? what are they made of to be lighter now? Light as a Mindwarp? Thanks, i'm curious