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  1. rhys

    Vigil vs. Argus?

    Good question. Note that vigil are not the only units to fire fire for no reason, It seems argus has the best track record in this respect.
  2. rhys

    People that use GoPro for handcams...

    I use Realxstream for 80% of our videos. It takes 15 minutes from when we insert the footage until the burned disk pops out. That program is 90% automatic and requires no input for 13 of the 15 minutes, it also uploads the video to the interent and sends an email to the customer with a link to the video that is hosted on the realxstream server but through/on a page of your own website. RXT also contains royalty free music. The other 20% we use power director 8.0 that is because they are combintions of handicam and outside video and RXT does not quite do that, yet. It takes about the same time to produce one in fact it is a bit faster on power director at around 10 minutes but there is a need to be present the whole time, much more input required and you can only do one project at a time. On RXT you can queue up multipule projects at the same time, it will not process them all at the same time but once the burning process start on the first project the editing process begins on the second... Power director produces a .mpg of the edited video which we then upload on RXT so they get their link too. We purchased power director 9 when we got our new computer but it has more features that you do not use and creates more processes to do in order to make the same product as we do on version 8.0, you can also make mistakes with the fades more easily on version 9.0. Our machine has an i5 quad core processor, 8g ram, a gigabyte p55-usb3 motherboard and windows 7. Not the most grunty machine but quick enough.
  3. rhys

    Attorney advice needed!!

    the sherrif may be his buddy, I would research the law. a sherrif is voted in by the local community there are they not? yoi property is your property, and his is his. If you were skydiving legally I am sure ther is a provision for you. justy hope it is not left out oin the sun!
  4. rhys

    Go Pro Handicam Glove

    Nice work!
  5. rhys

    The consequences.

    They are there to have fun, so I give them fun. They have signed the wiaver and should have read it. They are jumping from an airplane, if they are concerned they will let you know. If they ask "can I die", then the answer is yes but the probibility is very low, why bring it up if they are not concerned?
  6. What is a 'Clara', vaughny always jumped a JVX now it specifies he was jumping a 'clara'. Never heard of those... Well done Benno (Ben Lewis) intermediate last year and in the top 10 of the open this year. Good boy!
  7. how about the; Start my own DZ with integrety and passion, option?
  8. What, synthesising oxygen? If you can carry enough oxygen you do not need to aclimatise, no?
  9. rhys

    Proximity flying a moving target

    keener than me.....
  10. rhys

    Wing Jakets

    I have seen world class skydivers sink out on camera jumps because they refuse to 'dress for success'. It really depends on what jump, who you are filming etc. etc. For the likes of tandems, you never know how big or small the next customer will be, so it is good the have wings for the skinny 60kg 200cm guy with a light TM, and you always have you tshit for the big fat people. If you get a jacket, you will not regret it. The range they give you is unbeleivable, and they are not just to keep a fall rate with light people, you can really get into it with wings you can pop up faster, you can stop faster. Those that say they are old school are simply ego driven, and don't have a clue. They will be flying like a star fish trying not to sink out (getting crap footage) while you will be flying circles around your subject.
  11. rhys

    TIs with their own Tandem rigs?

    a few but not many. you will find it is more common in the club scene.
  12. rhys

    Using copyrighted music

    Interesting, this legislation seems specific to the united states. The internet has no boarders. How will this effect foreign websites? Fortunately we have royalty free music built into our editing system (rxt), though there are some companies that offer 'choose your own music', which I think is a silly idea, especially when they advertise the fact on thier websites.. With this legislation can foreign websites be effected, such as being blocked in the US or removed if the host is in the US?
  13. The offending ad has been removed and replaced with another.
  14. rhys

    stowing sigma vectran

    we use the small sport skydiver bands on the side stows and tandem band on the grommet stows. on vectran that is.
  15. rhys

    Relining an Icarus Tandem Canopy

    I have seen more than 1000 but wouldn't recommend it. It really does depend on the conditions you subject them to. are you in a dusty environment? Or nice grass etc?