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  1. I agree with the rest of your post but I wanted to comment on this. Where is your concern when criminals kill other criminals or innocent people within their own communities? I can assure that that the number of people killed at the hands of others far outweighs the number of those killed at the hands of police. Or is your interest limited only when the police are involved. P.S. Not sure of that 12 year old boy's criminal history but he sealed his fate when he reached for/pointed a weapon at those officers. Tragic.
  2. Once again, we see another example of what happens when ones choice is to engage the police in physical combat. When did it become cool to fight cops? Oh and what does Trayvon Martin have to do with any of this? His death wasn't police related.
  3. You totally missed my point. Convictions has nothing to do with it and if you new anything about the legal system in NYC you wouldn't have even bought it up. My point was that he was arrested 30+ times. He knew the game and how it was played. In his 30+ times of being locked up, he didn't die, and I'm going to assume that is because he didn't resist arrest and things went without incident. I haven't heard anything about him being charged with resisting in the past. For whatever reason, he chose to play the game differently that particular day and it ended up costing him his life. If you are the subject of constant harassment by local law enforcement, perhaps instead of blaming others, you need to take a step back and reevaluate yourself. Those cops didn't JUST happen to be there. They were acting on complaints from the community. Mr Garner had a history of committing the same infractions over the course of his life. He played a direct role in his own death.
  4. Blatant racism right there. And I'm wearing a hoodie. Would you like some skittles to go along with your watermelon beverage?
  5. One would think that after 30 plus times you he should have known how to play the game. Had Mr. Garner not deviated from his usual game plan, he would have lived to be locked up another day.
  6. Soooo, what you're saying is that all cops are racist and only target people of a certain color in order to dole out beatings? It's 2014 and this is how you think?
  7. It's pretty minor, you're right. Unless you're the poor bodega (grocery store) owner who is losing business due to the fact that instead of customers getting the smokes from you, they're buying them from the guy in front of your store who is illegally selling them. Minor unless you are the residents of that neighborhood who have to be exposed with the criminal element that selling untaxed cigarettes attracts to a neighborhood. Selling "loosies" isn't a big deal until it affects YOU and your livelihood. Selling loosies isn't a big deal, pretty minor but resisting arrest is not. And as we've seen over the last few months, it has grave consequences.
  8. Blatant racism on your part. Not racism but reality. And no, a loose cigarette isn't worth a life nor is a world full of smokes for that matter. Something Mr. Gardner should have thought of before he decided to resist a lawful arrest. There are no winners in this case or the one in MO but there are lessons to be learned.
  9. For the record choke holds (not saying this was or wasn't one) are NOT illegal in the state of New York (barring domestic situations). A choke hold is well within the limits of article 35 of the NYS Penal law. That being said, the legality or such a tactic has no bearing in a court of law. Choke holds are however against NYPD policy and as such the department can levy discipline up to and including termination if it finds that this officer violated department policy.
  10. Ferguson the grand jury got right IMO. This one seems wrong on many levels. Anyone have anything to add to this that would say otherwise? This guy surrendered. This is horrible! How exactly did he surrender when he stated "NOT TODAY, DIS ENDS TODAY" and then proceeded to fail his arms and pull away in an effort to resist being handcuffed? How is that surrendering? I think that the simply solution to all of these police related deaths is to NOT RESIST/FIGHT the police. Comply and stay alive. There are better/smarter venues in which to fight the fight. On a shitty ghetto sidewalk isn't one of them.
  11. Without reading all of the other commentary aside from the OP, it is usually very unwise to resist. When you decide you want to fight it out, you're sealing your own fate. There are more fruitful ways to "fight".
  12. well as On HERE !!! hahahahah Lighten Up Francis !! could be a simple typo ( look and see WHERE the number keys for 1 and for 2 are located ) any chance that the "negative replies " are coming from the same folks who post about " they are Flying AIRPlanes over MY House " ??? !! hahahaha NON jumping nit pickers, who BUY a place under the departure end of a busy runway.... the Only "hot water " and "damage to reputation " that i see HERE,,,, come from Your Original Post.... WHY ?? haven't they "fixed it "...??? Maybe it is simply because they are out SKYDIVING.... Not to mention that There has always been a certain "Ranch sense of Humor ".. P.S. The Father of the DZO(s) is a WW2 Veteran,,,,, and so any INTENTIONAL attempt at disrespect, is HIGHLY unlikely ( imho )
  13. Semper Fi and a happy 239th birthday to my brothers and sisters past and present. USMC 0331 3/7 I Co