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  1. Well the good news is that you get to skydive again! Did they provide information that made sense during the debrief? What sort of malfunction/scenario did you have with the main, and why did they suggest that it be cut away?
  2. Understood and agreed. I guess kinda compared it to someone with a learners permit wanting a Ferrari thinking it would help them get to school on time.
  3. Am I the only one reading this? As a student you should be getting some of, if not THE best spotting available. Something aint adding up here.
  4. Being ready for a 210 and living through the first landing are two entirely different things. How much gear are you wearing to load a 290 @ .95??? You said you weigh 215, so according to my calculations you would need 60 lbs of gear. That same 60 lbs of gear plus your weight on a 210 puts you at 1.31: a big jump especially when considering a different canopy planform. I personally know that larger canopies are hard to find and sell, but they are out there. Go with your gut, unless getting old isn't a priority.
  5. I have the luxury of being a sober jumper at a mostly sober DZ. Others will tell you a case is owed for sneezing. Welcome back, would love to hear some of the stories you have!
  6. Welcome! Another rotten Orange here. The facility is definitely top notch. Full altitude and tons of fun jumpers. And lots of partying. AFF was a blast there. Ive been jumping lately at Blue Ridge Skydiving in New Market.
  7. Today I wrapped up a one-hour session in the tunnel with Steve from Rhythm Skydiving. To say that I learned something would be an understatement. From the moment we began corresponding, Steve has been a pleasure to work with. I've without a doubt learned more in this hour than my entire, short, 48 jump career. Progressing from barely being able to sideslide properly, to performing light duty 4-way, I have learned more than I ever thought I could in so little time. I asked for TOP NOTCH training, and thats EXACTLY what I recieved. The entire session was a blast, full of smiles and laughter. I cannot recommend a Rhythm tunnel camp highly enough! Thanks Steve and Janette!
  8. Warm, somewhere that offers year round jumping like Florida. It's winter in VA and the pickins are slim this time of year. I like the idea of mixing tunnel time and jumping in the same trip, 3-4 day extended weekend type of thing. Spring is right around the corner, but I was looking for something in the mean time.
  9. Looking for some referrals. 33 jump wonder seeking one on one FS coaching. Interested in the program offered at Elsinore, combined with tunnel time. Any recommendations here on the East Coast? Would like to stay closer to home if top notch training is available here. Thanks.
  10. Um, I would re-read this thread. That's not true at all. To the OP: Obviously you can jump without owning either a jumpsuit or a rig, because you've done it at least 30 times now. In my opinion, if you're going to seriously learn how to belly fly, I'd first get a custom jumpsuit with booties. Assuming you learn how to use your booties, your dives will be more successful, and you'll progress faster. Plus, easier to learn how to use them now, before you develop too many habits without using them. While you're developing your belly skills, you will also be learning canopy skills, and by the time you've saved up for a rig, hopefully you'll be at a comfortable parachute size that you can stay on for at least a few hundred jumps. +1 Suit.