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  1. Thank you so much! That's very helpful. Yes Chuck Akers is my bud and an awesome mentor!!!
  2. Hello, I am on the market for buying my first Rig... What are the questions I need to ask when buying used?
  3. Anyways Ive really just started skydiving, i only have 30 Jumps but Like I said, I am fixing to go to Korea for a year, in the mean time I'm cool with rental gear, can save up there but I would like a suit to jump with in the meantime
  4. Eventually I want to free fly but I want to master belly first.
  5. So I went to the pro shop at my DZ asking about equipment. I really want to get a suit first because thats what I can afford right now, but he recommends the rig... Just for financal reasons I wont be able to get the rig/everything else till next year probably, but I want to be more comfortable in a jump suit and booties in the meantime. Does anyone see a problem with getting a jumpsuit first?
  6. Im PCSing to Kunsan In May unless something changes
  7. The last time that I see that question posted was 2011. Was hoping someone had some new information.
  8. I am going to be in South Korea for a year and was wondering if anyone has ever jumped there or knows any connections in Korea. I saw an online page for Skydive South Korea, not sure how legit it is there... I really dont want to stop skydiving for a whole year...