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  1. Hey Tandem Masters, We have a group of people with Friedrich's Ataxia that are asking if we can take them for a jump. A quick search tells me that it is a nerve wasting disease that impairs motor function but leaves them with full cognitive function. What are your opinions on taking these people for a jump? Can it be done safely?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently found a first rig I'd love to buy but the kicker is that it is located in the Netherlands and I'm in Canada. Does anyone understand how this works with trade agreements (NAFTA) and such? Is it duty free because it was manufactured in the USA? Unfortunately this is the deciding factor in whether I will buy it or not. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. I'm about 215 plus clothes and accessory gear, and whatever I ate/drank probably add 10. The student gear is pretty bulky so I'd say at least 30 ir more for the rig. I stood on a scale with the rig once and was just under 260. Accounting for a sport rig to be a little lighter I'd say that puts my exit weight to 250ish which is a 1.2 WL on a 210.
  4. My landings are usually very good. I have been landing off a lot lately though due to a combination of not the best spotting and just not being able to get any wind penetration on the student canopies. Thats part of the reason I'd like a smaller canopy with a better glide ratio.
  5. I'd love to try out some rentals but my dropzone is tiny and only has the student rigs for rental. One person said I can borrow their container that should fit me and put in another persons 206 sqft that they offered up. I'd like to give that a shot to see how I like a smaller canopy, here's hoping I have a nice landing I guess.
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to the sport (~30 jumps) and I'm looking at buying my own rig for next year. I've been doing a lot of research about what is out there and I feel like I'm getting a good idea of what I'd like to buy, but I'm not entirely sure of what main canopy size I should get. The PIM (Canadian SIM) says that for someone of my size (6'5" 215lb) I should be jumping no less than a 230sqft until ~180 jumps. I intended to follow this until everyone at my dz said that I should get a 210 (riggers/coaches) or even a 190 (other people). Some of the reasons suggested to get a 210: - I'm already loading the 290sqft student rig at about 0.95 - I'll want to downsize to 210 right away. 230 canopies and containers are harder to find. I'll want to be able to downsize more on the same container - Guys my size had 210 as first rig and used it for 250 or so jumps - I'm taking a canopy course in a couple weeks (on a student rig) and I'll have the skills to handle a 210 No way am I going to buy a 190 but I'm not sure if I listen to the manual recommendation more or the coaches that know me. I trust these guys with my life so I assume they know what is good for me personally, but I still feel like the manual wouldn't say so firmly not to downsize past recommendations unless it was really important. Any advice from you guys would be appreciated!