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  1. Nice. Couple questions: - Why did that lurker deploy right beside the tandem while it was still in freefall? - Why is that chest strap up at the passenger's neck?
  2. Yeah, the women love to have "equal rights" to serve, as long as they can't be forced to do it like the men. Which means it's not really "equal", after all. They ought to take the whole package deal to be equal, and not just the part they like.
  3. Is the quality of the manufacture excellent? Would the children otherwise be going hungry if not for the job? Does the job take them away from school? I guess it depends upon the totality of the circumstances in the country in which this is occurring. Is it a net benefit to the child, or an overall negative?
  4. Hard openings and hard landings are random events that can happen at any time, and sometimes due to things over which you have no control. Severity of such events ranges from minor to death. If you can't handle the consequences of such things, then don't jump. If your can, go for it. It's your decision. Don't blame anyone else if it happens.
  5. I wonder how many kids know that when they get their driver's license, their government is also signing them up for the draft?
  6. It may be fake, but I still liked looking at it. The actual photo can be seen here: