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  1. wmw999 - it is not the same but thanks anyway. rwieder - I just asked, this is big comminity.
  2. Ok thanks, I won't jump so. I was thinking tandem is not that dangerous because I can see sometimes 80 years old people are jumping and theirs spine and bones must be very weak. It is sad that you can't make your dream true because of the health.
  3. Ok thanks, I will ask doctor. I was thinking the hard landings are dangerous only for lumbar spine? I have no problem with that part of spine. So I'm asking how hard "openings" of parachute are for the neck? Hard landing is like jump from what height?
  4. Also I don't ask about straight answer yes or no, I'm the only one who is taking responsibility for my health, I'm just asking how big is risk, how hard openings of parachute are for student and tandem, what happen when something goes wrong, how hard openings of "safe life" parachute are? Is there anyone here who is jumping with cervical problems and do you fill any pain when you open parachute or when you dive (200km/h)?
  5. I was thinking here is some neurosurgeon skydiver who can answer my question. When I saw my doctor last time I didn't think that time about skydiving but he said I can still do weightlifting. Also he checked my nervous system and I don't have any problem with that, no pain at all. I don't know can I do even tandem? Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks for the answer, probably there is not any surgery after which I could jump?
  7. Hi everyone, I would like jump tandem or solo, can I do it any of that after incident I had 2 years ego, here is my medical raport: There is slight straightening of the spine. There is minimally reduced signal in the cervical discs without loss of disc height. There is minor osteophytic encroachment on the right exit foramen at C3-4. The left side is clear. The exit foramina are patent at C4-5 and C5-6. There is a large left posterolateral disc protrusion at the C6-7 level which encroaches significantly on the left exit foramen and impinges on the left exiting nerve root. There is slight impression on the anterior aspect of the spinal cord. The cervical spinal cord is otherwise unremarkable. After rehabilitation I fill good, sorry my english is not the best, I will be grateful for the answer, thanks.