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  1. It is officially available:

    I like how Kelly thinks in terms of what is important - how it works. I like that the design is significantly different than the skyhook in ways that are important.

    I have never been comforted by statements from other MARD designers that mentioned how carefully the relative lengths of this vs that had to be fine-tuned, etc. I do not want such a mechanism to have needed to be fine-tuned!  That makes me think that the design is not tolerant of unknown conditions/variables, and too dependent on being assembled/rigged "just right". I am much happier with a design where the geometry isn't critical.


  2. You can get the answer without even asking, most on this site have their equipment identified in their profile. Whatever rig they have, if they bought it new, is what they recommend. Even if they bought used, it is likely what they favor.

    To really get the advice you seek, I suggest understanding what about their rigs impresses their owners, and what nagging complaints they have. Either put in the time to read various threads focused on such issues, or if you want a quick answer that is extremely biased and not so useful, then rely on the responses you’ll get in this thread. 

    If you are real close to any of the manufacturers, that ought to be a significant factor.

    You are not an unusual size, so there is no reason to think some rigs are better suited because of that.

    You should absolutely get an Infinity from the good folks at Velocity Sports Equipment. They have been tested at supersonic speed during a low, non-orbital re-entry, and are preferred by people that haven’t always worn a rig on every jump.

  3. 6 hours ago, Divalent said:

    Supremacy would only be an issue if a local gov passed a law that conflicts with fed law.  Here it would be a *Federal law* that explicitly gives local govs the right to pass laws regulating local noise beyond what Fed law does. So any local restrictions would not conflict with the federal law.


    Yes, of course, It is a proposed federal law.

  4. On 3/4/2020 at 3:46 AM, David55 said:

    I  think the big difference with the other products avaible in market is that these ones (bigearinc) has a special solution to allow equalize the pressure!!


    I don't know what you mean by "special solution". The surefire earplug filters and others like them allow air to pass through. The super expensive versions are not unique in that way.

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  5. You can submit a review in the gear section of this site. Those reviews can be critical to others as they consider if buying a new product is wise.  My memory of the Neoxs altimeter was a lot of complaints about poor quality and lousy customer service, so getting the word out about it is at least being helpful to others.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Bigfalls said:

    Rep Joe Neguse (D-Colorado) sponsored the Aircraft Noise Reduction Act.  The act would allow regulation of airport noise at the local level, reversing the policy of federal aviation regulation that has been in place since the 1920's.

    Did Kim have something to do with this.

    It appears that it would run into supremacy problems - local vs federal laws. Is there some reason why the local lawmakers would think that it would survive scrutiny? Is this just a gesture which they know will get slapped down as unconstitutional?

    How do they think their law will be able to require "...federal funds cannot be withheld from an airport that chooses to locally regulate noise." ?


  7. 51 minutes ago, billvon said:

    No idea.  It was a small aircraft (Q400) and there were several of us with rigs.  Maybe he thought "I've seen this movie before?"

    Wearing a bare rig (not Billvon - the others) to board a flight is not wise. So many likely nervous grandmas and pilots that can express their concern, and then it is an easy decision for security of whatever label to tell us it can't be carry on. The more this type of thing happens, the more likely they will not be allowed ever. It doesn't matter how many letters from the TSA/FAA or X-ray cards you have, they can say no and not have to justify it to anyone.

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  8. 11 hours ago, 20kN said:

    How are you going to differentiate between a canopy opening and wingsuit operation that looks like a canopy opening? It is entirely possible, and not even that hard honestly, to replicate what appears to be an opening canopy using a wingsuit. I can dive my wingsuit to a vertical speed of 120 MPH and then over the course of 600' flare up to a 20 MPH decent rate and hold at that rate for several seconds. On a graph annotating only decent rate, the two scenarios would look quite similar. That's why altimeter manufacturers struggle with correctly identifying when the canopy opens with wingsuit use. Many of the digital altimeters out there have a wingsuit mode, but with a large wingsuit they still dont work and they misjudge the opening altitude all of the time because there is no way for them to differentiate between a canopy and a wingsuit when flying a wingsuit that has the ability to gain altitude. With only one sensor indicating only air pressure, the device has no way to determine anything other than fall rate. The only company out there that has had success with this issue that I know of is the AON X2 because it uses GPS to determine canopy opening info so it can measure on all three axis. However, even at that the altimeter misjudges opening altitude sometimes. Even my own AAD sometimes misjudges opening altitude. It does a much better job than most digital altimeters do, but even it gets tricked on rare occasion if I am flying a large race suit and doing flares.

    His design has accelerometers instead of just pressure sensors. That changes everything in terms of what mode of flight can be detected.

  9. Twice this last season I likely would have had a Vmag mount knocked loose during combat RW shenanigans. My mount only became dislodged a bit. I am using the longer than intended rubber bands and still have no shakiness whether belly or vertical, but my session model camera doesn't generate as much drag as the larger models.

  10. I think it used to be described as “punch” instead of pull, and the distinction of urgency. A hard pull doesn’t feel so hard if you’re punching it out, and take advantage of the slack in the system to get some speed going before the real force has to be applied. It would be great to encourage specifically in training/safety day. 

    Large ring risers/old school rocks.

    Gotta punch it.

  11. 2 hours ago, coticj said:

    Why does the fuel weight really matter? Based on the data you gave the numbers aren't that much different.

    Empty plane 1003kg, max landing weight 1633. You then have 630kg available. When you calculate the engine weight saving you have extra 148kg available. This means total 778kg.

    Batteries weigh 600kg, so that gives you 178kg available for passengers and pilot.

    "NASA batteries" isn't really a thing yet and it is not going to be for a few decades, and when it comes it is going to be super expensive.

    Even if they are not using standard production batteries they are not getting much better energy density the Tesla packs have.


    Something must be getting mixed up I think in the comparison, if those beavers on floats are going to be doing commercial service, they gotta be taking up the same or near the same number of passengers, don’t you think? 


    Wearing surgical type gloves under thin leather gloves works great. My advice is to put on the surgical gloves on the way to altitude to reduce the likelihood of your hands getting sweaty. That means just wear the leather gloves at first, then add the surgical gloves on the way up. Work it out with your instructors, they won’t like the distraction, so clear it with them first so nobody is surprised.

  13. Does the Ares, like the Viso, show the “tens” of feet digit in free fall (a useless, distracting blur in freefall)? Am I the only one to think it is amazing they continue to show that digit?

    I think the readability of the L&B products is much worse than the Alti-2 products because the numbers are displayed on a seven segment display type arrangement - straight line segments to display the number. The Alti-2 display (even way back to the Neptune 2) does not have this restriction, allowing a much more quickly readable display. I think the “rounded” font, with higher aspect ratio of each character, and the narrower stroke makes for a huge distinction between the brands. 

  14. 17 hours ago, PlaneFun said:

    Just wondering if most people carry on their rig on check it down below. This would be for travel within the U.S.A.

    Also, do you "disguise" your rig  in a bag or rig sleeve?


    Be aware security may demand you open the main and reserve. It does not matter if you have the X-ray cards and USPA letter and all, they can demand it and you can't expect to change their mind.

    Be aware that carrying your rig around exposed might cause some nervous Nellie to get security involved. No matter how cool it might seem to get on a commercial flight with your rig on your back, it draws unwanted attention and could result in skydivers being treated worse in the future.


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