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  1. I put a pic of myself up and it started low and has been climbing higher in the score as the day goes on. I also talked to the webmaster and became a Moderator for the Hot or Not site to scan pics before they are placed on the site.
  2. As with most beta tests (pre-release versions) crashes are very common. The reason they release these games to people is so that they can email support with any problems they have with the game on there system. When you email support you should include info about your system, like the megs of memory, video card, sound card, and processor and what you were doing when the problem occurred. It is also very helpful if you can make the game crash again by doing the same thing. They use the feedback from users to fix the game problems before they go on store shelves. Many times when a person buys the game off the store shelf it will still have problems because the company released it sooner then they should have to beat a deadline ( ex. Christmas ). I just finished being part of the AC2 Beta and the game looks good, better then UO, AC 1 and EQ. AC2 will be released near the end of this month. EQ 2 will probably be a bit better but its scheduled release is x-mas 2003.
  3. Best wishes for the family.
  4. This would go in the Men's Forum if we had one. It was easier to put a link then to copy and paste. http://www.cybercomm.net/~dano/humor-restroom.html
  5. Whew, sounds much easier to do that. I was thinking I would have to buy them BEER until they forget and act equally stupid. BTW: How many gallons are in a KEG? I'm trying to figure out if it's cheaper to buy BEER each first, when I go through training...or just buy a keg and haul it in the back of my vehicle to the DZ until its empty every weekend until I complete most of my firsts. I know students are not required to buy BEER!!, but is anyone going turn FREE BEER down?
  6. The most BEER that I have ever drank in one night ( and was able to keep track of ) was about a week ago. I polished off 15 1/2 bottles and couldn't keep myself away from the keyboard. I really made an A$$ out of myself and felt like crap the next 36 hours from the Hangover. But, That is not the worst of it, I still feel real bad because of some things I said to people.
  7. A camera person may use a mirror to check the LED because it is the simplest way to do it and it doesn't put them or anyone else in danger by doing so. If a person was using a mirror they would have to make sure to have the angle correct and remember that images are reversed in a mirror. But even more of a concern is the problem of a smaller field of view then you would have if you turned around and looked. If a person was to use a mirror to check for overhead traffic I would be very concerned about there safety and others as well because they didn't want to spend a tiny bit more time to get a full field of view by turning around.
  8. After searching the forum I have found posts about recommended # of jumps, license class, and skill for flying with a camera and/or wingsuits, but I have yet to find one for BASE jumpers. Please post what you think the minimum number of jumps, class of license, and skill masteries that someone should know before ever attempting there first BASE jump.
  9. I did the test. It took longer then I thought it would be I ended up with a 136 and it said I am a Visionary Philosopher Too bad you have to pay to get your compleate study, but it was fun to try.
  10. I feel that a mandatory fee for usage of this board would drive a lot of people away. Especially the new people who may be genuinely interested in more info about skydiving. The new people should not have to feel pressured to pay money to learn more about the sport. However, it would be nice if there was an optional link for people to donate to this site. The donations could be used to pay for any fees to maintain the site and also for future improvements. If there ever seems to be an overabundance of funding then this site could turn it off for a bit, or perhaps hold drawings to give away prizes, like T-Shirts to members ( or perhaps just to the people who put in a donation ). Donations could also give users access to a special forum for a certain time period based upon the amount donated. This forum would just be the same as any other forum but be for Member's Only. P.S. Didn't mean to make such a long post, all I really wanted to do was say something worthwhile to test out my new pic
  11. I would like to take this time to say I am sorry about how I acted and the things I said in the forum the other night/day. I should not have been posting at all because I was very un-sober. But that doesn't mean that I am not responsible for the things I said. I will try to keep my posts more meaningful from now on and I will never post when I am in the condition I was that day. If at any time you feel my posts start to slip the other direction please toss me a message and let me know. My apologies go out to everyone on Dropzone.com and even more to those who I had direct interaction with. Please do not post details about what happened the other night in this forum. I only opened this thread just to express how sorry I am.
  12. Well You know what...You can Go FUCK A COW ( Or SHeep if its yor pref TOO). DAMN POST MANAGERS....IF you review my content its valid....I'm not tryint to swoop by and rules.
  13. FUCK YOU!!!!.....If spelling is your top priority then you shoud be an English major....I'm just try to provide a point of view.....Or shoud I say Go FUCK A COW!!!...
  15. I'm not looking for a forum that I can tak in if I am withig the beliefs the the Forum Master. I am looking for one who can say what they feel..no matter who ownes it...I'm all for this forum...until today....did I say something or do something that you feel is wrong to be banned?