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  1. Yeah! We finally get to meet!

    Connor and I rented an RV from the 28th through the 8th and we'll either be at Z-Hills or Sebastian (probably both at some point).

    Can't wait!!!B|

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  2. Things started spinning rather quickly last night as everyone's concern grew... I was hoping to wake up this morning and hope it was a tragic rumor mill gone bad.[:/]

    I just keep thinking about Brandy. Love you girl. Nothing we can say will make anything make sense right now.

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  3. This is sad, very sad. Beezy was such a true soul and a good sport. So many boogies together and every one I have a funny memory that includes Beezy. Skyfest '04 when it rained like hell and he was in a tent. I got up early one morning to check on him and crawled in to make sure he didn't drown. And Dublin this year, running around with pink Hello Kitty walkie-talkies. I don't even remember what we were saying.

    Blue skies Beezy.

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  4. I just added a little vodker to my very own pineapple, orange, banana juice. Love ya Beezy - and your pink Hello Kitty walkie-talkies!;)

    Spence, just got your message. Phone doesn't work well in the apt. Will holla at you when i go out!

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  5. 1. Scott B. (Notsane)
    2. Mike M. (Gray Mike)
    C. Sean H. (Monkycndo)
    4. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray)
    5. Chris Gray (The Brothers Gray)
    6. Justin Shorb (Flock U)
    7. Ryan Desjardins (Soon to bee Canadian Flocker)
    8. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob)
    9. Mark M
    10. Phil Peggs
    11. Matt Hoover
    12. Mike Rinehart (Missingparts)
    13. Frank Boluk
    14. Scotty Burns (scottygofast)
    15. Robert Kelley (ROK)
    16. Jeff Nebelkopf (Heffro1)
    17. Tony Uragallo (Tony Suits)
    18. Chuck Blue (SkymonkeyONE)
    19. Todd S (DaMan)
    20. Michelle (EmLo)
    21. "The" Le Roy (leroydb)
    22. Dan M (arai)
    23. BJ Alexander
    24. Tyler (jumpinfly)
    25. Mark (normiss)
    26. Lurch (Flock U)
    27. Crip (affalcon)
    28. Kevin O (kevin922)
    29. Travis J "Chunks"
    30. MexTony
    31. Katee (rkymtnhigh)-will do my bestest
    32. Katie (katiebear21)

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  6. I only made one wingy - thanks for the good time guys!!! I always love seeing the Brothers Gray out in full force!B|

    When I left on Sunday I think I saw a 15-way flock headed up with even a few birdies sitting on the ground. Excellent work for Raeford guys!!!

    I headed home with Autumn's Phi so we'll see how I like that suit. About time I get out of my classic, huh?!:$

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  7. Ok, the last boogie I went to I ended up staying a week!!! If I come, will you guys let me come home?!:o:)

    Seriously, I'm headed that direction early next week. Should be there by Friday after a few pit stops along the way. Tony Suits, Jeff, might be coming along with me but no plans yet...

    The FLOCK is on!!!B|

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