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    Hey Katie J....if west point wants some good video...give me a holler :P Ill even ride down with you

    I'll keep you in mind for this spring... :)
    We're flying to Houston and then driving down to Z-Hills for the boogie. I think this will be a killer vaca!

    You're right! BUT, gotta have the Billy Bob with me in Z-Hills so gotta drive! B|

    Sounds like a shitty travel agent.
    WOuldnt it be easier to fly into orlando?:D

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  2. Per the SCM...

    To be declared ineligible to compete, a competitor must have achieved all three of the following:
    1. Be more than 24 years old at the time of the meet
    2. Made his or her first jump more than five years prior to the competition
    3. Made more than 1,000 freefall skydives

    I've never competed in Nationas - maybe someone with more experience can chime in here but according to this you look eligible to me.:)

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  3. I saw the movie and liked it but I during the middle I couldn't help yelling at Demi Moore on more than one occasion for being a dimwitted idiot! That did make the ending so much better though!:)

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    Hey everyone!!! Hey Katie,

    Have you met Howie? B| How's he doing?

    Howie's good - surgery on his left femur and right foot are complete and if he stays off his right leg then that crack in his pelvis won't get any worse. He's giving the nurses hell in the hospital. They were convinced someone was sneaking him alcohol yesterday. With how he felt he figured he was at a party!:D

    He'll head to rehab in a few days.

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  5. Remember when boogies used to be fun and all you were expected to do was jump!:P Well, I've got that job covered this year!!!:oB|

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    1. Jeff Nebelkopf (Tony Suits)
    2. Rob Pecnik (Phoenix Fly)
    3. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray)
    4. Chris Gray (The Brothers Gray)
    5. Sean Horton
    6. Frank Boluk
    7. Tony Uragallo (Tony Suits)
    8. Marion Mobley
    9. Le RoyDB
    10. Kallend
    11. Missingparts
    12. Simon (Mr. Bones)
    13. Scotty Burns (SkySquared Productions) / Z-Flock
    14. Jeff Smart
    15. Rob Jones (Morpheus / Phoenix Fly)
    16. John Bast ( aka SpaceCadet or LT Adderall )
    17. Katiebear (independent) :)

    You can absolutely camp here and they're bringing in a shower trailer some time this week. 2 CASAs and an Otter and backup planes if needed.:)

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