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    Freefall Photography
  1. Hi Fordy. Thanks for sharing this info from a while back. I'm wondering how it went at the end and if you are currently shooting full frame. If so, which camera/glass worked for you and can you see the big difference from cropped sensor in your aerial shots? Freefly!
  2. Hey, did you switch over to A7ii? What glass do you use? Did you see a significant improvement going to full frame? I'm looking into transitioning to mirrorless in March and would love to hear your experience and anyone else's who's using full frame mirrorless. Thanks! Freefly!
  3. Jacked, which lens did you find best to use with your SL1 for tandems? for freefly? Are you still using this set up for stills? What do you use for video? Thanks in advance for sharing! Freefly!
  4. skymoo

    More 4K

    The size for Sony's AX100 makes it a perfect candidate for the next 4K skydiving camera. Will its OIS make it impossible for us to use in freefall? 30 fps good enough @ 4K? DSE let us know when you get your hands on one Freefly!
  5. Hey DSE, how is your DX setup? helmet, box etc. If you were getting a brand new setup today for HD recording, what camera would you go for? Freefly!
  6. Not with a Rawa helmet since the camera sticks out too far back... not with a Tonfly box, since you would have to have your camera rotated 90 degrees to shoot, as the opening of the box and the hinges are on each side, and the only attachement point on the box is on the bottom of the box. Freefly!
  7. yup, Lodi in the states has been talked about. great price. How about around the world? Anyone been to Russia? Kiwi's posted something, but it's more of an AFF deal... not really cheap jump tickets. Wouldn't it be great to ind a place in the world you've never been to, do 100 jumps and have the jump ticket price differnce alone pay for the airline ticket? Freefly!
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering where in the world one can get the cheapest jump tickets for jumps 11K and over. So far I've gone to: Venezuela, $18 to 13K, and cheaper if you buy packs. Read about Aerograd Kolomna, Russia: 350 Russian rubles = 14.33 U.S. dollars to 13.5K, but haven't actually gone there, so I can't confirm the info they posted on the Dropzones section is right. Any other cheap jump tickets? Freefly!
  9. If you're still interested, you can get it through children of the sky emailing [email protected] Freefly!
  10. Rawa Freefly Image is what Is use. Works great, comfortable helmet. Freefly!
  11. Ok, the Rawa freefly Image is great for what you are planning to do. Radir does not make the box for the HC 3 - 5 - 7 series, but his helmet with a Tonfly / Cookie / Bonehead box works great. Im attaching a picture of my setup: Rawa Freefly Image Tonfly box Sony HDR-HC3 Brents Cross sight on a Schumacher articulating bracket Cam-eye II You add Rawa's quick release, Schumacher Quick Shoe, Cookie's Quick Release, or Bonehead's Goldmember (all with two bases, one for each camera) and you get exactly what you're looking for. Hope this helps! Freefly!
  12. You are describing one option, CJ, that they have had for years. They call it a photographic base - and it runs for $30. The new option is the quick release, which is a lot cleaner and practical, since you can buy aditional bases, one for each camera you have, allowing you to remove and jump without camera or switch cameras in seconds, without touching a screwdriver. Freefly!
  13. Hi Chris, You're right, Rawa does make aluminim mounts very similar to Shumacher and Goldmember. Their website lacks many things, including the info on this mount - quick release system. On the other hand I've found their helmets to be great fit, nice looking, and is what I use for camera flying. Whenever you buy your helmet, you can ask to have this added to your order, otherwise shipping will kill you. Cost is $60 for the quick release + shipping. Free shipping with helmet purchase. You can always buy through by emailing me: [email protected] Hope this helps. Blue ones! Freefly!
  14. Close... I have: Sony HC3 Raynox HD 5050 .5x Wide Angle Lens Tonfly box CamEyeII Schumacher Articulating ring sight bracket Newton Cross Sight on a Rawa Freefly Image Works great for me Freefly!
  15. Hi all, I purcahsed a Sony HC3 - HDV cam, a new powerful PC to edit HDV, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 - all to be able to deliver HD content. I start by opening a new project in Premiere with preset HDV 1080i30 (60i). I go through the editing process with all HD material. At the end, I want to deliver the video in HD format, on an HD TV. I have not spent the $500 on a Blu-ray burner, mainly because no one has the $450 Blu-ray player to show at the end. I want to export like the old DV days to tape, so that I then may plug in my camera to the HD TV where we will show the skydiving videos... and here are my two questions: 1. Although I can capture and control my camera just fine from Adobe Premiere, I cannot export to tape since it is grayed out - even with the camera on and me standing on the timeline before clicking on export. I can export to tape if I do a DV project, same hardware. * added: on a full HD project export to tape worked with these settings .... after a long transcoding wait. I guess I have to trouble shoot that one project with animations, ect.. 2. How else can I deliver the final video in HD? I want to exclude having everyone huddle up around my laptop screen, or buying a grand worth of burner and player, and hauling around a $550 player to the TVs where I want to show the videos (i.e. sports bars where I want to get peolpe excited about our sport) All help is appreciated! Thanks and Blue ones! Freefly!