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  1. I'm wanting to incorporate a flash on my helmet and was wondering if anyone could post some thoughts and pictures of their setups. I have a BH FTP and my still (Canon Rebel XS) is mounted inverted on an extended plate. So I have plenty of room on the top to mount a flash. My video camera is mounted in a Terry Schumacher box. I was leaning towards the Canon Speedlight for the flash but was wondering what little things I might need to keep in mind when setting this up. Cables, mounting issues / types / ideas, metering and hot shoes / accessories. Any ideas or advice would be help. Thanks
  2. I've been told this is the box that will fit my needs for my new CX150 setup for my BH FTP. Who sells this box? I can't seem to find a vendor or I'm not looking under the right name. If anyone else has any other box suggestions that will allow easy access to the camera to remove the video card which is bottom located I'd like the feed back. Helmet - BH Flat Top Pro Lens - Century .55 Mount - leaning towards the Flatlock I have another post Cage or Box CX150. I'm still open for suggestions. Would like to purchase something ASAP but want to ensure i'm getting the best fit for my needs. Thanks for your feedback, Dave
  3. Mike, I really do appreciate all the information and assistance. If you had your choice between the BH and Schumacher which one would you choose? I completely understand if you can't really comment since you're a seller of both products but if anyone else would like to provide some feedback I'm all ears. Both seem to be the best fit for the new CX-150 since the media card is accessed from the bottom. I also plan to use the Century .55 37mm lens with a 37 UV filter as well. Would you recommend mounting the box with a quick release or straight to the camera platform on the BH FTP. If you suggest a quick release I was leaning towards the Liquid Flatlock system for this set up. Any feedback or better ideas are welcome as well. I currently use Stroboframe mounts for my old mini dv and still camera set-up. I was going to continue to use this mount with my still camera. I plan to either get an extended platform for my BH FTP and mount it inverted on the front or side by side with the CX-150. My goal is to eventually incorporate a flash setup so this is why I'm leaning towards the inverted mount. My old setup is the front mount L bracket for my still. The one con to this is I've noticed over the years this has developed a little play in it. It would be my luck when I finally get all this crap done and I stayed with the L bracket I would eventually be replacing my still camera after a hard opening. Once again thanks Mike and everyone that has chimed in with their expertise and past experiences. I hopefully will make up my mind based on these valuable tips and end these questions. Thanks, Dave
  4. Thanks for this suggestion. I look forward to seeing it on your web site. How does this box differ from BH's D-box? Isn't their box also friction fit? What kind of lens is shown in the photo? The only thing I currently have is the Sony CX-150 and my FTP. All the other accessories for this camcorder will be ordered once i determine what I actually need to access the media card. This is a small world because my wishlist is on your site just waiting to be ordered once I can determine the right box, cage or mount that will fit this new camera. Thanks, Dave
  5. I've recently upgraded from the mini-dv to the newer HD cameras with the purchase of the Sony CX-150. I jump a BH FTP and have been going around in circles trying to decide the best protective setup with easy access to the media card and camera features when filming students. I like the Cookie blackbox, BH D-box and the Cookie cage. But without actually seeing these setups in use I'm a little hesitant on taking the plunge. I like features from each but I'm interested in knowing what others have found is the best option with this camera for a top mount application. Camera: Sony CX-150 Lens - Liquid 0.3 (most likely) Hype-eye mount - undecided but leaning towards Cookie Flatlock Helmet - Bonehead Flat Top Pro Still Camera - mounted beside CX-150 (Canon Rebel) - I am considering getting a new extended platform to mount the Rebel inverted in the front so I can possibly incorporate a speed light flash setup. Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated as well. Thanks, Dave
  6. With the box do you notice any shack? Also is there enough room to use an extended life battery? Last question. Do you use a Cam-Eye to turn the camera on an off? Does the box still allow for this? Thanks for your feedback
  7. I was wondering if anyone had some input on helping me with my decision on a new HD video camera that supports a media card. I was looking at the Sony HDR-CX150 but was not fond of the media card being loaded from the bottom. I jump a Flat Top Pro so this would require me to remove my quick release every time I need to change cards. Which would be every Tandem video since we utilize a staff editor to assist with production. I also looked at the CX-12 because it did load from the side but wasn't sure if anyone had jumped this camera. I do like the HDR-CX100 / CX150 but I've heard stories about lens glare from the sun during skydives. Has anyone experienced this? I am also in the market for a new freefly helmet to support this camera. I have always had side-mount freefly helmets since I sometimes like to throw in my still camera so this would be a nice option to continue but would consider a top mount freefly helmet if anyone has some suggestions. I want something good, but i don't want to break the bank. If anyone has any suggestions or comments they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave