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  1. Hello, If you had to estimate a number, how much COACHED tunnel time do you think it would take someone who just got their A license to be able to fly any type of jump (not wingsuit)? Not be a master at it, but enough to be able to comfortably fly their slot in RW, and FF (angled tracking, sit, head down, etc.). I realize that everyone learns at differently and some people may take longer than others, but I was just curious what the average is. More or less asking for fun and to see what people average for a number of hours.
  2. I think the part that everyone is forgetting about is if you are jumping enough to justify a wingsuit specific rig, you are more than likely a load organizer or a coach (or a sponsored athlete). That means you'll probably have at least two rigs to turn loads at a larger event (unless you pay for a really fast packer). Also if you want to do ANY other type of jumping, you would need to bring a normal container fit for all other disciplines. This means you will need at least 3 rigs at all times to keep up with loads as well as be able to jump something else other than wingsuits. Again this is only my opinion, but I feel that the market for a wingsuit specific rig is so small, I am curious why they even bothered in the first place.
  3. After hearing opinions from both sides about this stunt in general, I am choosing to keep my opinions to myself. That being said, I still to this day do not understand why the "Great Wall" was advertised in this stunt as if he was flying over it. That's like saying last years WWL featured the Great Wall of China though it was no where near. They even had a poster contest for Jeb and all of the options had Jeb flying by the wall.