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  1. Never had any problems landing either of my Pulses!
  2. After 20 years Suzie Basse is quiting! I want to thank her for putting up with my stupid questions and taking care of my rigging. Suzie went from being a voice on the phone to being a true friend. Good luck in all your future endevours…..Blue skies!!!
  3. Mine almost always open with end cell closures, Most of the time if I leave the canopy alone they inflate without having to pump the brakes. There's a video on You Tube of Greg Windmiller packing which I've adopted. The front of the slider is pulled forward and the nose of the canopy gets pushed back towards the tail.
  4. I'm surprised Spaceland Dallas let ya get away with this...especially out of the owners King Air!
  5. Until recently I was using them in all three of my Racers.
  6. Snap toggles made by Parachute Labs.
  7. Call PD. Their customer service is outstanding!!!
  8. Slightly odd closing sequence? Bottom, left, right, top. Nothing odd about that. (Classic Racer) Racer 2k looks like a diaper bag to me! Lol Order single side RLS or one without it. I am a bit biased...been jumping Racers since 1976!
  9. Hope you don't try and use the "design your Racer" function on thier website. It's been down going on three months! I lost an order because of it!
  10. USPA did donate from our dues the 25 grand per year and I sure as hell didn't vote on it! How many years have monetary donations been made to this paper musuem? Ottley had donated enough cash to build it in VA. After the BOD voted to sell the land it was touted as enough cash to start building it in Florida. It's time for this 501c Non-profit to be audited!