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  1. Thanks for the comments. Finally read them 12 years later. =)
  2. Any CREW camps/organizers going on at WFFC? Sparky
  3. I've got a flight into Chicago August 7 and am planning on leaving August 15. Anyone want to carpool from Chicago to Rantoul? Sparky
  4. Ditto, please email it to me also. Thanks, Sparky
  5. That sucks. Is the balloon skin too thin? I thought that was the same problem of Fall 2002.
  6. I think the dash 27 is just the engine type Sparky
  7. I'm on the 6am balloon load. Will be bouncing back and forth between Orange and Lousia to try to hit up the balloon, Grand Caravan, porter, helicopter, bi-plane, and super otter. Sparky
  8. May you please describe the Magic Carpet? I wouldn't think it could get up that fast. Bozo, I'd like to see the 25-way video too if you could post it. Vordo (I'm pretty sure still jumping at Smith Mountain Lake) told me that story during a Christmas party.
  9. I've done a 3-way tube out of the otter and a king-air and have heard of a 4-way tube out of the cessna. Largest I've heard of is a 25 way, 5-people wide and 5-people deep going out of a C-130. Flew at 300 mph. The burble was so big that you could talk to each other in the formation. They're a lot of fun. Pull in to spin faster, relax to slow down. You can pull a lot of gs. First person to break before pre-agreed break-off time owes beer. Sparky
  10. I hate it when that happens. I thought it was supposed to feel like a nice masseuse going over your entire body. Jump: 24 Exit Altitude: 30,560 feet Opening Altitude: 23,730 feet Freefall Time: 4 seconds Average Speed: 1164 miles per hour Sparky
  11. I've got mine also at
  12. Here are some good links. and space diving Sparky
  13. I touch 'em all the time. I like the way the handles feel. Mmmmm Soft, firm, supple handles. You can bet I won't drop my cutaway and reserve handles after I use 'em. Sparky --------------------- Feel the Sparky from the Slogan Gnerator: ---------------------
  14. Any good boogies going on during the east coast through Christmas Break? -Sparky