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  1. I always thought ATM stood for Ass to Mouth. Learned something new today. First thing you need to do is put that canopy away for about 500-1000 jumps by then the material should be properly bonded and will work together better than a brand new wing. Good luck
  2. You send me 500 US dollers I send you 15,000,000 US dollers from Nigerian Princess. She need money to access bank money account. Me promise good honest deal. Sincerery, King James of Nigeri. Reason for edit. I am just joking dont send me any money!
  3. I end up getting way more hammered at the DZ than any other place I visit!
  4. I also am taking a trip to Thailand to "skydive".
  5. I remember being nervous on many occasions. Fear comes from intelligence and students who are not scared even a bit are those who scare me the most! It is part of the sport and over time you'll gain your confidence and forget all about the fear and just enjoy the fun times. Many students have failed one or more levels for varying reasons. I have seen students who failed and did not accept that it was their own fault. They blame the instructors, gear, jumpsuits or even the sun was in their eyes. From your version of the jump you know what you did wrong. You also know what you need to do to fix them because you handled it on your own in free fall. Superman exit is a cake walk. Dive out, arch super hard, if you hold and trust your arch you will be stable in no time. True confidence in the sky has to be earned and with each jump you earn a little bit more!
  6. Nah, I get my news from all sources and make up my own mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FaSGWJ1R4Y This means "I pick the news articles that support my agenda and toss any other news out the window. I then form a radical idea and push it as fact. I will then dismiss any valid argument against my views because your view was formed from MSM which has been purchased by the Illuminati (or some other mythical organization) to push news that is a big lie. If you have any legitimate news from credible sources I will call you names and continue down my path of world wide corporate conspiracy."
  7. I'm pretty sure they are all slow!
  8. Most DZ's I have worked at were managed by the DZO and S&TA. They listened to their instructors, staff and experienced jumpers. If I were to approach either and point out an accident waiting to happen it would have been dealt with immediately. We knew those people since they were locals and had a pretty good idea what W/L was appropriate. Now you can get into the fact of how easy it is to have 400 jumps but make your logbook show you have 3,000. If you understand the system it is easy to find the loopholes. I've met people who actually have 5,000 jumps but if you didn't know any better you would think they had a few hundred and vice versa. So if you're not a local jumper we have to take your word as to your experience level. So if you were a 500 jump sky god the DZO actually banned you from jumping something too small and you were determined to be a hotshot. It's as easy as switching DZ's, filling out a fake logbook, order a small wing and test your abilities. Until you fix the flaws in the system there is no way to stop it completely. Just my .02
  9. Thanks for the advice. My first flight the instructor said there would be coaching fees but after that no one mentioned anything about it. Just want to make sure I give them their fair share for past and future flights.
  10. So I am curious what is considered a normal gratuity for tunnel coaches these days. I have been working on back flying and finally nailed it the other day. I wanted to let my instructors know I appreciate their hard work and patience. What is the going rate? Thanks
  11. I am not worried about being able to remain stable. Just wondering how times have changed more than anything. USPA seems to have some new ratings and rules they didnt have before.
  12. I have been out of the sport for about 9 years. I am going to start jumping again. I have around 2,300 jumps, only have an A license and am in a different state where I know very few jumpers. I am curious what will be required to get back in the air. Thanks in advance.