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  1. The new kids are so busy with the their hand jive and checking their go-pros that they don't bother to look out the door and check the spot or to make sure the sky is clear...
  2. No, don't do that. Strings are trip wires, like arresting hooks on aircraft carriers. When swoopers come in fast dragging their feet across the ground, they'll be snagged like an F/A-18 Hornet screeching to a halt on a carrier deck.
  3. Re: "This EAD specifies that European owners and operators return to the manufacturer all reserve parachute systems manufactured by Basik Air Concept and delivered after September 30, 2011 without a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Form 1 release certificate." So what happens after I send my parachute back? Do I lose it? Do I get a new chute to replace it? Do I get a refund of my purchase price? Do I get a depreciated refund? Do I get the same chute back with new paperwork to authenticate it? What? I'm not sending my gear back without knowing what's going to happen to it. And what if I just keep it and keep on jumping it? Any problems with that?
  4. Yeah, the other side of that coin is that whoever sent that pot to the wrong address might come looking for it to get it back, and he might do things to you that are worse than an overzealous police officer. What a dilemma!
  5. "Man gets 11 pounds of pot in mail by mistake" What would you do: keep it for yourself, or turn it over to police? If you call the police, they're liable to arrest you for possession, even though it's not yours, and you'll be in jail trying to prove otherwise. Can you trust them to believe you and do the right thing?