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  1. Dutton

    Katana's dont kill people...

    A Katana will go exactly where you point it. Have fun.
  2. Dutton

    AFF Level 4, failed twice

    I have a buddy that failed Level 4 9 times. He finally got himself unfucked after his instructor told him to take up bowling. Understand that on the ground body position doesn't really matter. If you want to turn around you can just twist your body and face the other way. Freefall is exactly opposite, you use small changes in a fixed body position to move. You just have to be able to be relaxed enough to be able to feel your body position and be able control freefall. That's the hurdle. Good Luck.
  3. I've been training students using a VR simulator for over ten years. We have a unit at the Cleveland Skydiving Center. The owner of the DZ works for Systems Technology who designed the first practical VR simulator. It works great. I don't bother taking people up for CAT A jumps until they've spent an hour in the sim. There are two big advantages, increased confidence in dealing with malfunctions, which lowers the student's stress level on the actual jump; and the student can be taught to fly a pattern and land the parachute solo prior to having to actually do it. If anyone would like to try it out, you're welcome to. Hit me up. John
  4. I stopped wrapping the tail tightly a long time ago. I just bring the center cell seams together and lay the pack job down. I do this on all the different skydiving mains 9 cell, 7 cell and cross braced. They all open nice. Concentrate on keeping the slider all the way up and presented properly. That's the key. I jumped a Katana loaded at 2.0 for a few seasons and it opened nicely. John