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  1. They run small. Uncomfortable fitting, maybe it is just my head though.
  2. Hello guys, so I heard it's not good to skydive with a cold due to pressure in our ear canal? Is that true? I am still on AFF, one month ago today was my last jump and if I don't jump today I will have to make a recurrency jump... Trying to avoid doing that, but I have a cold with sinus congestion. Should I tough it out and give it a try or is this definitely a no no? Thanks :) Blue skies, green lights!
  3. Hi there guys, quick question. What type of license do I need to jump at Burning Man? Is an A license good enough? Thank you! Blue skies, green lights!
  4. Hello dear jumpers, I am a new skydiver, won a 20% off gift certificate for an infinity container, so I went on their website to check it out but it was so confusing! How do you order the colors, etc? Like I said, I am new, I want something super comfortable and pretty!! Thank you!! Blue skies, green lights!
  5. Where's the "Like" button when you need it??Quote Blue skies, green lights!
  6. Yay!! Congrats!!Quote Blue skies, green lights!
  7. 15 jumps vs 8 jumps for the same price, the one that offers more jumps gets an ocean view… holy crap, your life is difficult!! >;) Blue skies, green lights!
  8. You are dreaming about it because you want to do it!! There's only one way out of the situation and it's by doing it!! If you aren't afraid of jumping out of a plane for the first time then you probably aren't human and shouldn't be on this forum. Anxiety, fear, that's all part of the menu. It is important that you find an awesome drop zone though, the people you jump with will make the difference, do your homework and make every effort to go to the best DZ that you can find. I am working on my AFF this year myself. Best wishes!! XOXO Blue skies, green lights!