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  1. jump~46 was at a new DZ with a friend. he introduces me to another guy that would coach me through my first sit-fly. it was novemberish and cold as hell on ground as i prepped my gear i noticed i had forgotten my gloves but had some cheap dollar store knitted gloves. the DZ had gloves but i figured these would do. after a decent sit-fly my adrenaline pumping i pulled and went for my brake toggles and couldn't close my hands around the toggles. once i landed the pain of near frost-burned hands set in. i sat in a warm area with my hands behind my knees the rest of the day. lesson: never jump without proper gear never EVER again jump~36 a friend had been asking me to take him skydiving so i took him to my home DZ i wasn't going to jump because i was feeling kinda sick and had a stuffy nose but my friend wanted me to go up with him for his first tandem, so i figured i didn't feel that bad. i suited up and went up to 13k. i do a diving exit and instantly feel like my head is going to explode. no one ever told me that a a stuffy nose is not good to jump in. never again will i jump when feeling even remotely sick
  2. all you need to do is learn to gel with the air. 2 mins under your belt is not going to get you gelling like Magellan. think about this when a sports team gets together even if they are the best of the best they have to learn to work together. well, you and air is the same thing. my instructor told me this and i stopped fighting for the right arch and let the air tell me the proper arch. it sound weird but as long as your limbs(even extra limbs ;P) are in the right area, loosen up and the wind will put you at a proper arch. from there just work on drop rate. worked for me. FYI i did AFF from a heli
  3. the other DZ is skydive fujioka DZ its a heli operation for about 6500 yen i used to jump both locations for 2 years and fujioka is open year round beautiful jump location with a heart shaped lake.
  4. don't give up brother i lost mad weight and realized my dream of skydiving. i know the pain bro but if you keep at it i know you can do it. keep me posted on your track and if you need weight loss tips let me know. weight loss pics attached
  5. I did my aff from an as350 and we jumped @12500. The difference from planes and heli for me was stability on exit. It took a bit more work from the the heli. ;)
  6. forgetting to balance with your other arm and pulling in a spin
  7. You not to get off topic but i was looking at STF from your sig and noticed from what i have invested in my 13 jumps. Could have racked up about 350 with yall... FML
  8. Yeah it was a "twist" on an otherwise uneventful jump
  9. No disrespect meant. I agree sense off time does get lost. to clarify the events went as followed 1: canopy fully inflated/line twist/deploy brown bombs 2. Check canopy/alt chk 4. Scanned for bystanders/located dz 5.altchk/ kickout 6 canopy function check/ corrected flight plan I guess i welcomed the experience i was getting and really got an appriciation for the drilling of the boards my dzo always throws in my face everytime i seemed i had nothing to do around the dz. he always tells me no two malfunctions will ever be the same. I was just glad my first was easy enough for me to correct without much difficulty but learned so much from. Thanks so much for the tips everyone!
  10. Good info yeah i kept alt awarness i had popd at 5500 so i knew i had time. I was more worried to make sure i wasnt headed towards another jumper but canopy was good. I found it funny because i was telling one of my friends earlier i wondered how bad i would react and sure enough. Im glad it was good conditions out
  11. It was funny to me when it happend, is that normal? I kick out about three full spins and laughed the whole time. It was fun
  12. i know this is off topic but, i am sure the audience in this room seems alot more knowledgeable or informative then the "thinking about downsizing" thread. how much diffrence does .1 wingload make? thanks again