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  1. Thanks for the info. So it sounds like the HD cams aren't an improvement for freeflying camera shake, but can be used the same way as the PCs by just turning off the OIS/EIS....am I right? Are there any other kinds of cameras that are being jumped that anyone would recommend that are side mount replacements for the PC series?
  2. Ok, I have been poking around in this forum trying to get as much info as possible to decide which camera to get, which will impact which helmet I get. HD seems to be the way to go in many ways, one of which is the decreasing availability of PCs now that they have been discontinued. I keep seeing these two issues touched on, but not conclusively addressed: 1. Has anyone pulled off a successful side mount? (I saw something about Cookie having a side mount available shortly....are there any pics/prices/dimensions available? Seems big to get on the side) 2. I keep reading about the EIS and OIS not being beneficial for freefliers. What I don't know is how not using this compares to the PCs. Was the PC series better for freeflying or had an image stabilization format that worked better with freeflying, or was it simply turned off in that instace as well. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if the HDs are simply not any better for freeflying with regard to camera shake or are they worse than the PCs? Thanks for everyone's advice in advance! P.S. if it helps to know at all, I am a weekend jumper looking to get into shooting video to assist with coaching and organizing, so it is not a quality issue as much as if I was shooting tandems.
  3. My heart goes out to the many people who are affected by this loss. It is such a shock and just...unbelievable. Blue skies, Lee.
  4. Yep, that's me! Glad you enjoyed the view!! Thanks for posting some of the pics. I remember catching the flash when you took that one!
  5. I would thnk you would have the image burned in your memory for life based on the look on your face. LOL! Priceless. Still no pics up? Come on people, give! Does anyone know who the bobble head was? Very fun costumes this year everyone!
  6. I know! People were sneaking up all night taking pictures of my butt and none of them have popped up yet. I want to see them! I never get to see that perspective of my own ass! It was great seeing you, as always sweetie!
  7. So where are the rest of the pics? Please post links here if they are being posted elsewhere. Great costumes, great dives, great times. Thanks everyone! It was so nice to see so many people that I haven't gotten to see in a while. I missed a lot of people who couldn't make it too, so maybe next time kiddies!
  8. Has anyone ever experienced sore teeth after a skydive in cold weather? I have a friend who did his 2nd tandem skydive yesterday and called me today asking if my teeth ever hurt. He said it feels like the nerves are rotting down into his gums from the middle of his teeth. He said the molars hurt most, but that even his front teeth hurt, and pressure on them makes it worse. Wasn't sure if sinus pressure and the cold weather could be connected or something. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  9. It has taken some time for this to begin to sink in. Life has such a strange way of unfolding sometimes. I hadn't talked to Danny in about two months until last weekend. He and I had a lot of catching up to do, and we made a point of going to dinner, just the two of us, last Monday. We talked and drank and drank and talked...we talked so much about life and about living...about happiness, family, love, success. The day that this terrible accident happened, I was telling someone that one of my biggest fears is losing someone you care about unexpectedly and regretting not getting to talk to them about the REAL shit. Not knowing how they feel or them knowing how you feel. I found out the next morning that I had a message from that same time letting me know my good friend was gone. It brought tears to my eyes today when I told a friend the last words Danny said to me. He told me "You know I'll always love you unconditionally." RIP Danny. I will always love you, too.
  10. Good times as always! Sorry I had to bail and do a charity walk Sunday, but it was GREAT seeing everyone again, and all the sassy peeps that couldn't make it for one reason or another were really missed. Thanks Trey for putting on another kick ass party! Keep the pictures coming.....someone was trying to take pics up my dress when I was stumbing around on the stripper pole, so I KNOW there are more out there. NO holdng out!!
  11. Welllllly well well, it has been a while since I've been on! Thanks everyone for the nice compliments and for all the hotties posting pics too! Keep em coming ladies!!! Katie
  12. Thanks everyone! You are all so cool and have been very supportive. Especially my wonderful hubby/teacher. He got some wonderful compliments on how far I've come and I know he is proud. I don't have any shirts commenting about my ass. I already know this canopy makes my ass look fast!!! Besides, that would just open up commentary on my badunkadunk....don't need any of that!
  13. Donating money for this cause can fund the organization that will help us when we have a heart attack after hearing the increasing jumps prices. Also, when we develop diabetes from eating a bunch of crap at the DZ so we don't have to take a break from jumping for lunch...they promote educating all of us, the overweight country! Come on people! Thanks to Kelly for signing up to walk with me!! Thank you Chris and Brandy for your donations! You rock!!
  14. Thanks babe, I sent him a message. How are your wrists? See you soon, I hope...
  15. Thanks sweetie! Who/what is HH?