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  1. Hi all, I'm giving a talk next week at my company and I wanted to use a skydiving analogy. Does anyone have a picture of skydivers giving each other a pin check in the airplane and/or a picture of a canopy opening with a good view of the pilot chute that they'd be okay with me using? Thank you!
  2. Thanks everyone! And yes, I made sure to be very careful with the links and putt them on a little piece of cardboard so that nothing got disoriented and everything is labeled. Ah, this is a process :) But thanks so much for your help! has definitely made it easier to figure it out! ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  3. Thanks, just wanted to make sure! ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  4. Hi guys, I'm selling my rig and have to separate the reserve/main/container since I'm selling different parts to different people. Just to confirm, this is what comes with each piece right? My main question is the spring-loaded pilot chute. That's rig-specific right? Container: Main Risers Reserve and Main Toggles Freebag Spring-loaded pilot chute Reserve and Main: Just the canopy Thanks for your help! ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  5. PM sent! ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  6. I just got the same message from him and thought it looked a bit shady so I came here to search. Yep, definitely a scam. ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  7. awesome, super helpful! thanks :) ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  8. Ha, that'll do it. Thanks so much! And any idea what retail value of a new Cypres 2 is? I can't seem to find it online and it's been a while since I bought it... Thanks again
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my rig and can't remember how to price the AAD. I remember there was some formula like $100 per year left or something like that..? It's a Cypres 2, never fired. DOM: Oct '03 Thanks for your help!
  10. Hey guys, I know I don't really post here and don't know you guys, but I need everyone's help and I was hoping you'd be willing to help spread the word. I started an adventure travel company a year ago and things are going really well. We're actually in the finals now for a HUGE prize ($25k) and I need people to vote. You have to register, which I know is annoying, but I really can't even begin to express how much it would mean to me. Let me know if you have any questions--you have click on 'inspiring, funny, and useful' to the right of the video. Thanks and blue skies!!! Maia ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  11. I'm here for the week and would love to hang out ! Email me... [email protected] ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  12. thanks girl, i've been beaming all day
  13. Haha, or just worked on Wall Street for a couple of years. Selling your soul is a small price to pay to take a year off of life ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~
  14. Travel, travel, travel I just bought a one way ticket to the Caribbean for tonight... when I get sick of the beach I'll come back to New York for a couple of weeks to pack up and move out and then my tour around the world begins
  15. I don't normally post here, but I just feel like I want to tell the whole world.... I just quit my job!!! It feels amazing. The taste of freedom so sweet ~ * Life Has No Rules * ~