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L/D Calculator is a tool to calculate average L/D and sustained horizontal and vertical speeds from time, distance and height flown on a BASE or balloon jump.

It uses Wingsuit Equations in assumption of constant L/D, and lift and drag coefficients throughout the flight (hence, the result is "averaged" in this sense). Also, it assumes that there is no wind and exit speed is zero.

Range of horizontal Vsx and vertical Vsy speeds from 20mph to 160mph is divided into grid with a step of 0.5mph, and for each point in the grid, WSE are solved for the duration of your flight to calculate the distance and height flown. The combination (Vsx, Vsy) that results in closest match is the answer, and L/D = Vsx/Vsy.


Android+Wear/iOS/Windows apps:
L/D Vario, Smart Altimeter, Rockdrop Pro, Wingsuit FAP
iOS only: L/D Magic
Windows only: WS Studio

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