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So I am putting my camera helmet back together and trying to find ways to configure it. I'm jumping with a bonehead flattop pro, a sony cx 100 a canon 5d mark iii and at times a flash.

I'd love to see what other people are jumping and how they have their gear configured. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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Hi Mick, the stickers are a vinyl wrap - bit tricky but it's not a bad job, could do better next time. Camera is something called the runcam. It's basically the internals similar to a gopro session (1080p 60fps), allowing you to seperate the board from the lens. I fit the board in the audible pocket. I also fitted a rocker style power switch side of helmet: on = record, off = not record, so no need for LED statuses etc.

There are a few ways it could be made more plug and play for skydiving, and I'd like 4k eventually. I am actually in talks with them to develop some features for skydivers, with things like the on off switch on a lead, a status LED on a lead, and a mount and kit suitable for something like the G3. Either I'll do my best to get them to put in some of my ideas to standard model, or if Vertex end up doing full face helmets (which we are very likely too), it is something I'd like to offer as an add on item, built in camera with SD and USB slots built into the helmet.

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