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Not jumping with camera, just asking a question...

So, in the age of digital video, how are you all archiving your video these days? I am sure there is plenty of skydiving footage of tandems and other jumps you don't care to save, but what about the stuff you do want to keep?


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I store everything on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device in my house. I haven't gone down the Cloud Based Backup service route yet. But there are some options there that are becoming more affordable.

The NAS has four 1 TB drives in a RAID 5 which gives a little bit of redundancy in case of a drive failure and almost 3TB of usable storage space.

I set up a new folder each year. The folder name is simply the year (ex. '2014') and then sub folders by date for every day that I take any pictures or video. Those folder names include the full date in yyyy-mm-dd format with a short descriptor of type of footage and location. (ex. 2014-05-30-skydive-psi)

Subordinate to those daily folders, I create more sub folders to manage my work flow. It depends on what I'm doing. If I've been shooting Tandem Vids, then the sub folders usually include the names of the customers that I shot.

I'll create those folder names prefaced with a 2 digit number so that I can keep the customers listed in the order that I shot them throughout the day.

The other types of sub-folders I create may include 'vid', 'stills', 'Review', 'Vegas', 'Small', 'Final', 'RAW', etc.

It varies though, depending on what I'm doing.

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I keep almost everything.

Photos- Stored on a home server built with Raid 1 arrays- 1st level of backup.
Home server is backed up onto an external HD- 2nd layer,

I use Carbonite for off site-3rd layer and protection against fire/theft.

For Videos, it is the same except for the 3rd layer off site. I have a few edited vids that are on Carbonite, but the raw footage is only on the server.

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