1000D vs 450D

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Hi Guys

I am looking to buy a camera for skydiving purposes and having read the 450D thread especially the comment
regarding lenses the MP doesn't seem to matter as much as the lense.

I have to decide between the 450D and 1000D. I'd appreciate some help and advice from the pro camera men.

I have read the dpreviews threads on both but as someone new to photography all the technical stuff doesn't mean so much to me.

1000D review

450D review

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has been discussed here also. Lots of info if you google it. ;)

personally I would take the 450D, but not really much difference between the two. 1000D is a little bit lighter, but only a few grams..

And yeah. Good optics and learning photography makes a lot of difference..

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I guess you've probably bought one of the two by now but for what it's worth, I was considering the same 2 options when I was shopping for a stills cam a while ago. In terms of freefall photography, they are very evenly matched. Eventually I opted for the 1000D because
a) it has unlimited continuous firing while the 450D needs to buffer once in a while which could cost you the money shot. This is especially useful with tandem photography. It's important to get the fast writing SD card with the cam - get the slow SD card and the fastest firing cam in the world won't save you.
b) the 1000D is lighter than the 450D. The difference is minimal, but it exists.
c) the 1000D costs less. The additional functionality and MP you get with the 450D might be worthwhile if you use it for ground photography where you have time to set up and manually configure the cam for every shot, but for freefall photography I'd say the one is as good as the other.

Hope that helps.
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