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Hi folks,

Im sure there must be some thread regarding different video editing packages?
Could someone please point me in the right direction or provide me with some tips or advice on decent packages...???

take it easy, and if you get it easy, take it TWICE
Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!

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Here's a few options.
Mac: iMovie comes with it and is free. It's a good software program to start with if just getting into editing. FinalCut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are expensive but allow for more advanced features and options.

PC: Windows Movie Maker comes with the OS. It's free but not very good in my opinion. Adobe Premiere Elements is a good intro level editor and not too expensive. Some more advanced options out there are Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro.

It's not a complete list. There's a lot of considerations to think about when purchasing an editing package but that should get you started. Search the forums for threads discussing the different software packages to get some idea of what else to consider. My personal advice is if you haven't done much editing, start with a simple program and get a feel for it first. Then go to a more advanced system so you wont' feel overwhelmed. I'm sure there are others here with better advice so listen to them as well.
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there is a list of common video editing programs in the "Please READ before posting HERE! thread at the top of the forum.

The Three programs I've used to edit in my short time are:

-Window's Movie Maker (which is ok)
-Adobe Premiere Pro (More powerful but seemed cludgy... I'll stick to photo editing with Adobe)
-Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Platinum Edition) and I've considered upgrading to Sony Vegas 8) personally I like Sony Vegas the best... and I find it really intuitive to use.
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