Homemade box for HC5

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Well here are some pictures of my homemade box for a HC5. I chose for a easy acces backdoor, but still have 2 more things to attend to.

1) What closing mechanism is best for this box?
A. Bungee cord
B. Thumb screw
C. Briefcase latch
D. Any other?

2) How do I finish the front edges around the lens?
A. Rubber profile (where can I find these?)
B. Any other?

I plan to build the cameye solely into the box and not into the helmet so that I can remove the box easily on my Fuego Pro Convertor helmet for funjumps and stuff.
Same thing maybe later for a ringsight if it is possible.

You are welcome to reply with any advice or questions...
All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.

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Crap, I didn't bother to make any pix during the proces. But I can explain the works:

First of all I wrapped the camcorder in foil. This is a good method to make a box that includes your lens. Then space up all the corners and space for the cameye (did that with cardboard, but clay will do fine too) so you are shure you can slide out the camera because you will be working with chemicals around it. And you do not want to slice it open and damage the camera.

Once spaced up all those spots, I used self adhesive isolation foam around it (that I would use later as inside protection for the camera). And again wrapped it in foil.

Next is the dirty work, one layer of polyester/glassfibre. (first top, harden out, then bottom). Dont forget to leave the front and backside open (with excess fibre that you can cut off). Once hardened I took out the camera, sliced open the box horizontally and taped the isolation foam inside. Closed it up again with fast glue, and applied my second layer of fibres.

For finishing up I sanded it down, filled the low spots and airbubbles with bondo like material. And sanded it again. I was so bored sanding it (even broke a cheap mechanical sander on it with all the dust). Then I inserted the camera again, marked my front and backend to cut the excess of.

For the backdoor I just made a flat glassfibre panel, that I attached by a hinge with rivets. Spraypainted the whole deal and here I am. The camera fits perfectly and the box just needs some detailing.

Things I've learned during this proces.

- dont make the glassfibre too thick, so your rivets will get whole the way through (which is not the case on the bottom) But the hinge is still pretty good fastened.

- attach your flip door "before" you cut out the shape, because it's hard to get it on straight.

- don't use to much bondo to fill up the lowspots because you have a lot of sanding work to do then.

- try to enjoy making things yourself because if you can't do that it's not worth the time it takes.

- always use polyester outside, because it smells like hell.
All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.

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