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I am planning on buying a RAWA ASAP. Before I puchase, I have left one more thing to do that needs to be paid close attention - measurement. When I use the tape measure to measure my head, do I keep the tape tight or just kinda loose, so to speak. I mean, do these measurements need to be loose or exact. like when you pull the tape really tight against the side of your head.

Lastly, you are supposed to make sure you measure the biggest circumfrence around our head, right? I mean by that saying, finding the largest part of your head, or just measure around your forehead?

These are all the questions I have, and thank you all for any input in this manner..:ph34r:

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Measure your bean like you would if you would like a hat to fit. Meaning don't pull the tape so tight your eyes bulge out. Your Rawa is going to feel tigth as it is when you first get it. If you overmeasure your head by pulling the tape too tight , the helmet will feel even tighter. My Rawa felt almost uncomfortably tight until the foam settled to the shape of my head. Now it fits like a glove. Follow the measuring instructions and you'll be fine.
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I got a Rawa, awesome helmet, fits like a glove, only on my head;)

When I measured my head I was right in line for a Medium, however when I got it, it was too tight.
The guys at aerostore were great, I sent it back and in a week had a new large size one fitting perfectly on my head.
of course I just might have a strange shaped head.

if you can try one on before hand, do it.
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